Coco, Ice-T, Baby Chanel


With a baby and a dog in their bed, there's barely any room for Coco and Ice-T!

The 37-year-old glamour model opened up to People about how life has changed since welcoming their adorable daughter, Chanel, into their lives, and it turns out pretty much everything has changed. Living with a 4-month-old baby, the couple hasn't found intimate time for themselves.

"Sex is nonexistent for a couple of months," she said in the magazine's Mom Talk series. "It definitely don't get the 'OK' to even have sex or go to the gym until 16 [weeks]."

The new mom further explained that even though she's not able to participate in such activities, she's not exactly missing them because she's very preoccupied. "You don't even want sex. That's the thing," she said. "Everything is about the child. Nothing is sexual in your world."

Coco Austin, Ice-T


Sitting down with other celebrity moms, including Ashley Williams, Coco shared that even if they could find the time, it's still out of the question because they have a very full house (and bed!) "We're very much a tight family. At night—the dog, the baby—we all plop into our bed, and it's a full bed," she said. "So, there are no alone moments with your husband."

Williams, who has one son, offered some reassurance to Coco. "Give it time," she said. "There are other places to have sex besides your bed."

Coco has been candid throughout her pregnancy and beyond and recently opened up about the toll breastfeeding has taken on her. "They told me, 'Breastfeed, breastfeed, breastfeed,' but the first week, they're like, 'The first week is hard, but once you make it over that first week, it's gonna be great,'" she told People.

"In that first week, my nipples were bleeding, and they were scabbing over and I was like, 'No one tells you that your nipples bleed!' But actually, I haven't had a true breaking point yet. I think because, I think it's so new."

Shortly after Coco gave birth to Chanel in late November, she wrote about her struggles with breastfeeding on her Facebook page. "Can I just say though.. My nipples feel like they are gonna fall off they're so raw from breastfeeding ‪#‎NewMommyproblems" she posted.

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