It's been nearly four years since we said goodbye to One Tree Hill. So you know what that means—time for a reboot! Hey, if any show could return after a less-than-five-year absence, it's one that saw its characters through evil con artist (non-)brothers, multiple kidnappings, dogs eating human hearts, and SlamBall.

But James Lafferty is here to crush your dreams—for now.

"I definitely don't think enough time has passed since the show ended for there to be some sort of One Tree Hill revival or scripted reunion kind of thing," he tells us during a sit-down with E! News to discuss the upcoming episode of The Royals that he directed. "But you just never know what the future brings!"

But Lafferty isn't going to completely stomp all over your OTH-loving hearts. He tells E! News that he definitely thinks Nathan and Haley are still together raising an ever-growing family.

Hayley James, Nathan Scott, One Tree Hill, First Time

©The WB / Timothy White

"The standard answer is he's got like 10 kids with Haley somewhere, just killing it as a sports agent," he says—something he knows the fans would love to see. "But you never know—it is Tree Hill, so half of those kids could've been kidnapped by now and maybe he's on a vigilante mission to rescue them, who knows."

Press play on the video above to hear Lafferty's thoughts on an OTH reunion and what he thinks his character is up to these days, then tune in to his episode of The Royals on Sunday, Dec. 27 at 10 p.m. on E!.

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