Ariana Grande, Cow Costume, Halloween, Ellen DeGeneres Show

Warner Bros. Television

Ariana Grande is a cow!

For Halloween, that is, and one of the cutest ones ever. The 22-year-old pop star sported a cow costume on a Halloween-themed episodes of The Ellen DeGeneres show on Friday, a day before the holiday.

"Is it cumbersome to sit down with udders on your stomach like that?" asked Ellen DeGeneres, who dressed up as "Karla Kardashian."

"It's a little hard," Grande said. "But it's worth it." 

The singer appeared on the show less than a day after she released her new single and music video, "Focus," which is featured on her upcoming new album, Moonlight.

During the episode, she played a game titled "Ari Smells Ari," in which she had to don a hilarious looking blindfold, sniff three men, including two shirtless hotties, and guess which one was wearing her signature fragrance.

Grande appeared to have a grand ol' time smelling—feeling up—the two studly dudes, who were dressed as a sexy cop and a sexy firefighter. Watch the video below to find out if she guessed correctly!

According to CNN, many people in China call Grande "little cow" or "xiao niu" because her voice reminds them of Mariah Carey's. The latter singer's nickname there is "Cow Sister," the outlet said.

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