Hair Transformations, Beyonce


There are those moments in pop culture that stay with us forever. The ones that you always remember where you were, what you were doing and who you were with when it happened.

They make for great conversation starters on first dates and at dinner parties. They can be good, bad and well, yes, ugly.

Obviously, we are talking about those epic Hollywood hair transformation moments.

Like when Beyonce broke the Internet with her pixie cut. Who knows what else happened that week because everyone was examining Queen Bey's new 'do.

Keri Russell, Hair

Jeffrey Thurnhur/Bryon Cohen/WB

Or how about when a single haircut managed to get a television show canceled? OK, we do not have evidence to back that up completely but it's a known fact that when Felicity star Keri Russell chopped off her signature curly locks the WB series' ratings took a tumble.

When you close your eyes and think Justin Bieber you probably see the same thing we see: the infamous smiling mug shot. Just kidding. You see that sweet 12-year-old boy with his trademark floppy hair.

Come on, he mastered the flip of the bangs! But how does one transition themselves from being the biggest tween heartthrob to being taken as a serious artist? You say bye, bye, bye to that boyish hairdo and get a man cut, son!

Hair Transformations, Kim Kardashian

KCS Presse / Splash News

Next, lets talk about when Kim Kardashian stepped out in Paris and the entire world stopped. Ever the fashionista, Mrs. West was decked out in her finest Balmain but all anyone was talking about was her slicked back platinum blond dye job. 

All eyes were on Kim (as usual) and she proved that no matter what shade her hair is she is the fiercest of them all. 

And then there is Britney Spears' buzz cut, Jennifer Lawrence's surprise super-short 'do and Kristen Stewart's tribute to Joan Jett

We have complied our favorite celebrity hair transformation moments for you. Take a look!  

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