One Direction, March 2011, December 2014

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They grow up so fast!

The fellas of One Direction are known for their own unique brand of edgy-meets-preppy, and their redefined rocker fashions have incited a menswear revolution. Behind all the skinny jeans and rocker tees is Julie Feingold, one of the band's expert stylists since their debut album dropped in 2011. The Feingold in Your Closet owner has seen it all, witnessing the boys grow into full-fledged rock stars, and with that she's seen their styles mature with their talents.

"I think watching them transform into men, you can see how much their style has matured along with them," Feingold explained. " They can pull off so many different looks on any given day but to sum up their style I'd say: Tailored and modern. A bit rock 'n' roll, a bit retro. Effortlessly cool with a bit of edge, and as the brits would say, 'smart.'"

From Harry's high fashion proclivity to Zayn's suave mane, Feingold dished on just how the each of the heartthrobs' closets have evolved – and how they've stayed the same.

One Direction, Harry Styles, Fashion

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Harry Styles"Harry used to wear a lot of bowties and blazers, which you definitely won't see him wearing anymore," Feingold said of the 21-year-old's once preppy style. Now, he "knows exactly what he likes and can make anything look cool. He's got a vintage, sort of Boho /Indie rock vibe about him. He's a big Saint Laurent fan."

One Direction, Niall Horan, Fashion

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Niall Horan"Niall went from wearing baggier harem style denim to only skinny jeans," the stylist explained. Since his X-Factor days, he's shed his carefree look in favor of a sportier edge—but hey, he still enjoys being comfy! "He often gravitates to styles with a bit of an urban edge or even a bit preppy. He's really into rocking flannels at the moment and he loves his Vans."

One Direction, Zain Malik, Fashion

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Zayn Malik"Zayn is fearless when it comes to his style. He can pull off several different looks - whether its urban, street, high fashion or rock and roll. I think you can get a sense of that by how much he experiments with different hair styles," Feingold weighed on the singer's always eclectic looks. "I think he's grown into his masculinity and really has fun with fashion."

One Direction, Liam Payne, Fashion

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Liam Payne"Liam wore a lot of vests, or as the Brits call them, 'waist coats,'" Feindgold said. But those days are gone—now, he's taken a turn for the steamier. "Liam's got that sexy, menswear, model-like thing going on. He can go rock'n'roll or runway."

One Direction, Louis Tomlinson, Fashion

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Louis Tomlinson: Feingold's verdict: Gone are the days of stripes and suspenders! Now, the 23-year-old is all about cool debonair. "He's really got a retro vibe about him, but likes to be comfortable," she said. "He rocks a lot of vintage T-shirts and tends to have a more laid back approach to everyday fashion, but when he hits the red carpet, he can really wow you. He can kill a double breasted jacket like no one else."

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