Julia Roberts, Pretty Woman, Today

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Vivian and Edward are together again!

Julia Roberts, 47, and Richard Gere, 65, appear together with two more fellow former cast members of Pretty Woman and its director on an episode of the Today show set to air on Tuesday, March 24, one day past the 25th anniversary of the hit 1990 rags-to-riches romantic comedy.

In a sneak peek video posted on the NBC morning series' website on Wednesday, it's just hugs all around for the actress, Laura San Giacomo, 52, also known as the star of Just Shoot Me!Hector Elizondo, 78, also known as Joe in The Princess Diaries, and director Gary Marshall, 80. The men, including Gere, are also seen chatting and laughing together.

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Pretty Woman marked Roberts' most iconic role, launched her into international stardom...and inspired Halloween costumes and party clothing for decades.

Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts, Nasty Gal Dress

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The movie, a modern take on the classic Pygmalion Greek myth, Robert plays Vivian Ward, a prostitute with a heart of gold (and lots of sass!) who falls in love with a wealthy businessman, Edward Lewis, played by Gere.

He hires her as an escort for a prolonged period of time and she stays in his luxurious hotel suite, where she gets to not only have sex with him, but also rock out to Prince while taking a relaxing bubble bath.

Julia Roberts, Pretty Woman

Silver Screen Partners

Julia Roberts, Pretty Woman

Silver Screen Partners

Meanwhile, hijinks ensue when her new, handsome, wealthy client starts to help transform her, physically and mentally, into a respectable lady of society.

Pretty Woman


Julia Roberts, Pretty Woman

Silver Screen Partners

Giacomo played her friend and fellow prostitute Kit De Luca. Elizondo portrayed the compassionate hotel manager Barney Thompson.

Roberts and Gere have reunited before. They played love interests in the 1999 romantic comedy film Runaway Bride, which also starred Elizondo and which Marshall also directed. Seinfeld alum Jason Alexander, who played Edward's shady lawyer in Pretty Woman and did not appear in the Today show's reunion for the movie, also starred with Gere in the 2009 film Hachi: A Dog's Tale.

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