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Let the record show: If you didn't spend your weekend obsessing over the amazingness that is Netflix's Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, it's time to seriously question your life choices.

And if you binged them all and even noticed the 30 Rock Easter egg, well, kudos to you!

It's true: The actor who played the construction worker who catcalls Kimmy, realizes he's gay, and asks out Titus is indeed the same actor who played the construction worker who also appeared on 30 Rock, as first noted by our friends at Entertainment Weekly.

Mike Carlsen, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


So are Kimmy Schmidt and 30 Rock actually in the same universe? Will we get to see more 30 Rock characters on Kimmy?

We went to Tina Fey herself and...

Nope! Sorry. According to Fey, the worlds must not ever be the same.

"The only reason we have to keep the universes separate now is because of Jane Krakowski, really," Tina Fey tells me. "The universe would implode because Jane Krakowski is a part of [Kimmy]."

Krakowski, of course, plays two totally different characters on the two shows.

Fey added that they did consider having 30 Rock's Kenneth walk by in the background for a "fun cameo", but again, universe implosion. And we wouldn't want that. We have so much life to live, people.

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Further proof that Kimmy and 30 Rock cannot exist in the same world?

Tina Fey plays Marcia Clark. So Liz Lemon she is not.

And at one point in Kimmy, you see on YouTube in related videos "Tracy Morgan's Aquarium." So Tracy Jordan he is not.

Tina also told me that she has already committed to Tracy Morgan guest starring on Kimmy,  just not as Tracy Jordan.

"Tracy has already told me that when he is well, he wants to be on the show and I said you got it," Fey says.

Now that we've answered that mystery with some soul-crushing news (sorry, everyone hoping for a Kenneth, Liz, Jenna and Tracy Jordan reunion!), go and watch more Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix. It's a world you want to be in. Trust.

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