Lena Dunham, Emmy Awards 2014

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Mystery solved, people.

Fans weren't sure if Lena Dunham really took the plunge and changed her hairstyle up into a platinum bowl cut, or if she was just pulling our leg and wearing a wig to fool the public (as many sneaky celebs do), but during her chat with new bestie Ross Mathews on the 2014 Emmys red carpet, the Girls star set the record straight.

"A paparazzi followed me through LAX the other day asking me how I felt about the ‘speculation' that my hair is a wig. It was like the biggest scandal I've ever been embroiled in," Lena, who wore a multicolored Giambattista Valli gown, began to E! News.

"It is not a wig. I bleached it last week after I finished the show. I always like to do something—I always have kind of a bad hairstyle as Hannah, so it's nice to kinda chop it off or do something that shows me I'm a real woman," she added.

Dunham recently revealed the big change on Instagram where she simply captioned the selfie, "change is good."

Speaking of Instagram, Ross couldn't help but bring up the star-studded shot that was shared by Taylor Swift, which included Dunham, Emma Stone and other beautiful starlets, which made him (and the rest of us) green with envy. Was that just another day in the life of Lena?!

"I'm very lucky to have some lovely, very beautiful, successful friends but my life is mostly trying to keep my dog from eating my snacks," she tells us.

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