50 Cent

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Don't quit your day job, 50 Cent.

The rapper took to the mound at Citi Field to throw out the ceremonial first pitch before today's New York Mets game—and his errant toss instantly joined the ranks of the worst ceremonial pitches of all time.

It wasn't quite Baba-Booey-caliber, Howard Stern Show producer/personality Gary Dell'Abate's infamously bad first pitch at a Mets game in 2009 having turned "a Baba-Booey" into a term synonymous with an epic fail after his throw went sharply to his right and dinged an umpire.

But for a guy as fit as Fiddy, it was a spectacularly awkward effort.

The Southpaw's pitch sailed wide left, or way to the catcher's right, coming far closer to hitting the cameramen behind the first base line than the catcher's mitt.

"Just a bit outside," the commentator noted wryly. "What can you say? You think he opened up a little early?"

Happily, 50 Cent (aka Curtis Jackson), who was wearing a personalized No. 50 jersey for the occasion, was seen laughing afterward along with pitcher Jon Niese before returning to the dugout, where he continued to pose for pics and sign autographs for fans.

50 Cent

He just might not be the king of this club anytime soon.

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