Prince William, Duke of Cambrige, Prince Harry

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What? You think the royals are too highbrow to twerk?

Prince Harry proved that even the most elite can get down and shake their booty when given the right opportunity. The young (and newly single) hunk reportedly twerked all night during the reception of his pal Guy Pelly's wedding in Memphis this weekend.

The 29-year-old was photographed yawning during the event (it was a long celebration, so it's understandable), but it seems as though he got a second wind at some point, and hit the dance floor to show what he's working with as the live band played some tunes.

Prince William, Duke of Cambrige, Prince Harry

Splash News

"Harry hit the floor pretty much as soon as the band started playing and was twerking into the early hours," one guest reportedly told The Mirror.

And his brother Prinz William wasn't too shy to show off his moves, either. "Oh man, they wouldn't let us stop. They kept saying 'play another.' Prince William said he wished we could play for another three hours. They were having a ball. I was really shocked by William," the band's frontman Jimmy Church said.

"We thought he would be laid-back, enjoying it but not really getting in to it. At first I asked him to get up on stage with me and he said 'No.' Then later he jumped up and started singing 'Shout' with me. He was dancing and jumping in the air. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

"I've never played a party with so much energy. This was wilder and the kids weren't holding back. That's the wildest party I've ever played."

The duo arrived at the Memphis Hunt and Polo Club at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday to attend the formal ceremony, with guests taking their seats on white chairs in a garden, a source tells E! News exclusively.

"The bride arrived in a classic blue Thunderbird just before the 6 p.m. ceremony began," the source continued. "A boys' choir performed along with a cello ensemble. Lizzie looked beautiful in a jeweled dress with a sheer overlay and a crown of white flowers in her hair."

The couple's vows lasted about 30 minutes, with William and Harry looking "overjoyed" for their friend during the ceremony. "You could see they are very close," the source added. "They were all hugging each other and shaking hands."

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