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Nicole Kidman and Connor Cruise haven't been photographed together in many years, leading many to wonder if the actress' divorce from Tom Cruise had hampered her relationship with her only son.

No need to worry.

"I love my mum," Connor, 19, told Woman's Day last week while touring his "second home," Australia. "I don't care what people say, I know that me and Mum are solid. I love her a lot. My family means everything," the DJ added. "Yeah, I love my music, but the family comes before everything else."

Kidman, who also shares 21-year-old daughter Isabella Cruise with her first husband, hasn't hidden the fact that her relationship with her elder two kids changed after getting divorced in 2011. Kidman went on to marry Keith Urban in 2006 and is now mom to daughters Sunday Urban, 5, and Faith Urban, 3.

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Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman

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"My kids don't call me mommy. They don't even call me mom," the Oscar-winning actress said during a 2007 appearance the U.K. TV show GMTV. "They call me Nicole, which I hate and tell them off for it."

"They live with Tom, which was their choice," she told Hello! in 2010. "I'd love them to live with us, but what can you do?" Kidman currently divides her time between Sydney, Australia, and Nashville, Tenn.

Isabella also defended her relationship with Kidman in May 2012, telling Australia's New Idea magazine, "I love mom. She's my mom. She's great. I see her sometimes and I speak to her."

The young artist added, "We're a very close family. I love all of our family."

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