The extended trailer for Lindsay Lohan's self-titled docu-series Lindsay has officially been released, and no surprise, it's far more dramatic than the first look.

While the first preview of the highly anticipated series gives an inside peek at LiLo's life following her court-mandated stint in rehab, which came to an end nearly seven months ago, the second clip gives a glimpse of the numerous production nightmares the crew encountered while working with the embattled actress.

"So we were supposed to start shooting at 12:30 and Lindsay is locked out of her apartment. Which means we might not start shooting for a couple of hours," director Amy Rice says with a sigh after a number of Lindsay's tearful scenes from the first trailer are shown. 

Rice then jumps on her cell phone and says, "She's not letting us into her apartment," before the camera cuts to a clip with Lindsay's sober coach.

Lindsay Lohan, Oprah

Oprah Winfrey Network

"Is Lindsay still sober?" he is asked point-blank while seated on a bed with an exasperated look on his face. He opens his mouth, appearing as if he will answer the question, but then simply stays silent before shrugging his shoulders with a sigh.

Cue Oprah Winfrey, who comes in to save the day, as she is briefed on the problems the crew has encountered while shooting the OWN series.

"She has changed things every single day, not following the rules that they agreed to, not participating. She wouldn't commit to the shoot next week so they had to cancel it," Oprah is told on her way to a meeting with the 27-year-old celeb.

"This is exactly what everyone said was going to happen, and I believed differently," the media mogul says. "She doesn't understand. This is your life."

Lindsay Lohan, Discovery


(Side note: When Oprah tells you to do something, we suggest you listen, Linds).

The two are then pictured having a heartfelt chat, and while the OWN boss is clearly rooting for LiLo, she makes it crystal clear that Lindsay must clean up her act.

"My truth is that I really do want you to win. I really do," the 60-year-old talk-show host says before she gets stern with the starlet. "If that isn't what you want, I'm OK with that, you know, I will tell these guys to pack up and leave."

"No, it's not that I'm not ready to do that, I do want to," Lindsay replies before Oprah lays down the law. "You need to cut the bulls--t then, you really do."

Lindsay premieres on Sunday, March 9, at 10 p.m. on OWN. Will you be tuning in?

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