Chris Colfer, Glee

Adam Rose/FOX

Hey Gleeks, you better prepare yourselves now for Chris Colfer's upcoming performance.

Even though Glee's 100th episode doesn't air until March 18, 2014, Colfer is hoping to sing a certain song for the special milestone. 

"You know, I think I would like to give 'Defying Gravity' another shot," Colfer told E! News Sunday night at the TrevorLIVE Los Angeles Benefit in Hollywood.

Colfer sang the popular ballad from Wicked back in the show's first season. But with more experience, the 23-year-old actor wants another chance to wow fans.

"I think back in season one, when I had much more face, I was terrified to record that," he said. "I think when I listen to it, I realize how terrified I was to sing it so I'd like to do that again, to give it another confident shot." 

Chris Colfer, Instagram


Recently, fans were able to vote on Glee songs from the past that will be remixed and performed by the current members of New Directions in the milestone episode. "Defying Gravity" was one of the songs to choose from. 

Glee's 100th show promises to be quite the McKinley High School reunion.

Just last week, executive producer Ryan Murphy revealed Dianna Agron will reprise her role as Quinn Fabray in the special episode.

Castmembers Mark Salling, Amber Riley, Harry Shum Jr., Kristin Chenoweth and Heather Morris are also coming back to celebrate.


But before the cast reunites for plenty of epic performances, Colfer is gearing up for the holidays.

"I'm traveling with my cat for the first time, which I'm very nervous about," Colfer confessed. "Because you know, I just don't want him to be alone for the holidays."

Don't cats like to be by themselves?

"I know that's crazy," he said. "Well, I don't want him to be alone." 

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