Claire Danes looked a million miles away from Homeland tonight on the red carpet.

Not only did the Best Actress in a Drama Series nominee unveil a glamorous, golden faux bob to match her sparkly nude Armani Prive gown, but she also was in such a giddy, un-Carrie mood, she walked right up and hugged Lena Dunham.

Right in the middle of Dunham's interview with E!'s Ryan Seacrest!

The Girls star and Best Actress in a Comedy contender was just revealing that she had felt like she was urinating throughout last year's chilly Emmys red carpet when Danes popped up and enveloped her in a big hug.

Claire Danes, Emmy Awards, 2013

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The fellow nominees squealed like old friends—which they are—and then Danes grabbed the mic and proceeded to interview her pal.

"Seacrest out, Danes in," Dunham quipped.

"How do you feel being here tonight?" Danes asked, laughing, before quickly admitting, "I'm so bad at this!"

"I'm really excited because you're my really good friend and I never get to see you except for on the E! red carpet!" Dunham gushed. 

"I know, it's totally wackadoodle," Danes agreed.

"Are we ruining your life?" Dunham asked the amused Seacrest.

"No, this is fantastic," he insisted. "I'm great, I'm gonna have a beer."

"I love this lady very much," Danes revealed. "I love you so much," Dunham agreed.

Where did this mutual admiration society first form? They grew up in the same New York City neighborhood and, according to both, they met through a mutual friend.

Lena Dunham, Emmy Awards, 2013

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

And things pretty much went along in the same vein:

Danes: "I'm in constant awe of what she does."

Dunham: "She's my favorite actress."

Danes: "She's my favorite everything."

Dunham: "I would love to but she's on a Showtime show and I'm on HBO."

Danes: "It's very Capulet and Montague."

Dunham: "We'll wait unitl there's a less turf-warrish situation."

Danes: "A web series!"

We'd watch that!

In the company of friends, Dunham also revealed that she's a major Kerry Washington fan. (Like, major.)

"I stalked her and I met her!" she said proudly—and then she and Danes exchanged we-love-Scandal stories.

"I feel like we should do our nails!" Seacrest said, apparently loving the chatfest.

Washington "was really nice," Dunham added. "She knew I'd been stalking her because I said it to, like, 17 media outlets, so she was really great about it."

And that could be the beginning of another beautiful friendship.

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