A Sexual Ice Cream Fetish Stumps Captain Lee & Stephanie Beatriz on Celeb Call Center

von Allison Crist Jul 27, 2020 16:30Tags
Weitere: Lactose Intolerant Caller Tells Captain Lee About GF's Ice Cream Fetish

A dairy disaster. 

Celebrity Call Center is back with two brand new episodes tonight on E!, and we've got a sneak peek of some of the madness to come. 

In the clip, Below Deck's Captain Lee Rosbach gets a call from Arthur in August, Georgia, who is in a bit of a sticky situation with his girlfriend of a few months.

More specifically, as Arthur explains, "she has [an] ice cream fetish."

"She loves strawberry ice cream rubbed all over her body during sex," he adds. "I've been putting it off because I'm lactose intolerant."

And before Captain Lee or any of his fellow celebs—Stephanie Beatriz, Johnny Weir and Vivica A. Fox—can suggest a non-dairy ice cream, Arthur shuts that idea down: "I have no interest in vegan ice cream; none of that vegan stuff. I'm a meat eater."

Lee appears to be, understandably so, at a loss for words. When he does respond, he tells Arthur, "You're right, you do have a problem."

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"I would definitely just reassess the whole situation. Without a doubt," Captain Lee advises. "Especially if you're lactose intolerant and you're not into eating ice cream during sex. I'd say you got a problem if you continue to hang with this girl."

Stephanie finds the entire situation hilarious, and eventually, Lee phones her in to see if she can offer any better advice. 

"Is it possible that you could maybe retry—you said, in particular, strawberry ice cream?" the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star asks Arthur.

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Not just regular strawberry ice cream, Arthur says—no, his girlfriend specifically likes Ben and Jerry's strawberry ice cream.

"She's very particular with it," Arthur adds before revealing that at one point, he let her "pour a milkshake" on him. "It's good for her, but when it comes to me, one drop and the guts are bubbling."

Poor Arthur!

You'll have to find out if the celebs have anything else to say to him by tuning in to tonight's all-new Celebrity Call Center!