TikTok’s Loren Gray Plays Coy on the Inspiration Behind Her New Love Song

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Weitere: Loren Gray Talks Funny Rumors, Haters & Taylor Swift

A star on the rise!

Loren Gray found fame on TikTok when it was still being billed as "Musical.ly" in 2015, and since then, she's signed a record deal, collaborated with the likes of Halsey, Jason Derulo and Saweetie, released a number of singles and even appeared in a music video by none other than Taylor Swift.

She starred in Taylor's video for the hit song "The Man," delivering an eye roll that's become so iconic she recreated it for E!'s Scott Tweedie during his Instagram Live series HappE! Hour.

"I did it like ten times and they just picked the best one," Loren admitted.

Perhaps one day, Taylor could join Loren for one of her music videos?

"I doubt it, but that'd be cool!" the 18-year-old told Scott, explaining that if that did ever happen, she wouldn't even tell Tay what to do. "If Taylor Swift was in my music video, I would just leave it to her. Like, just do whatever—you're Taylor Swift. Just be in it!"

Though Taylor might not be involved with Loren's new music, fans of the "Cake" singer will be delighted to hear that she does indeed have some on the way.

"I've been doing a little bit of everything," she explained of her time in quarantine. "I've been doing some writing, but I've also been recording some demos that have been written by other people. So it just depends. Whatever songs I'm feeling."

Loren's latest single, "Alone" just dropped this week. She described it as "a really lighthearted song."

"It's the first time I've been inspired to write a love song," Loren said, though she played coy when Scott asked if the sweet track was about a special somebody. 

"Maybe," she replied. "Maybe..."

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Weitere: Is Loren Gray's "Alone" Song About Someone Special?

Loren's fans may be getting a similar song in the future—or perhaps one that's even softer.

"The song that I'm hoping will come out next is more acoustic," she revealed. "It's one of my favorites. It's actually my parents' favorite song of mine."

Right now, Loren added, she's aiming to release an EP, "but an album definitely in the future."

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Weitere: Loren Gray Likes Incorporating Fans & Friends in Her Music

And just like she's done before, Loren might even involve her fans in future projects. 

"I actually like to incorporate them as much as possible," she explained. "My vertical video for the last song was actually with fans using my Instagram filter. So I try to incorporate them as much as possible. My team is, like, really aware of that."

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To hear even more about what Loren's got in the works, watch the complete HappE! Hour interview in the above clips! You won't want to miss Loren revealing her favorite TikTok move or her attempt to help Scott put on makeup.

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