Brie and Nikki Bella Reveal Just How Close They Are to Giving Birth!

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It's almost time!

Brie Bella and Nikki Bella are getting closer and closer to their due dates, and according to the latest episode of The Bellas Podcast, the twin sisters are both starting to see signs that their babies will be here before they know it. 

"I'm getting there!" Brie, who's expecting her second child with husband Daniel Bryan (born Bryan Danielson), exclaimed on the podcast. "I only went up half a centimeter this week, but I'm dialated at a 1.5."

Brie and Nikki's late July, early August due dates are mere days apart—though the latter has previously said she plans to be induced a week ahead of time—and the mom to Birdie Danielson revealed that Nikki has an update of her own: "My sister next to me here has a softened cervix!"

"...which all of you moms out there know, that's when your body is prepping for labor and your baby is making its way down, saying, 'I'm ready to come out,'" Nikki explained. "So he has lowered a lot—which, momma is feeling that—but I was excited to know my cervix is softening."

Nikki Bella's Pregnancy Pics

She continued, recalling a conversation she recently had with fiancé Artem Chigvintsev. The two discovered they're expecting a baby boy on the season 5 finale of Total Bellas

"Honestly, I was looking at Artem last night in bed and I'm like, 'Artem, in less than three weeks, we are going to be parents,'" Nikki expressed. "'Actually, at this point, it's like two-and-a-half weeks. We are going to be parents! Are you ready for this? Because I'm getting scared.'"

Brie admitted to feeling nervous, too: "You know what's weird, is my bump app says one week and like—I need to look how many days—but just to see the one week and days, I was showing Bryan and I'm like, 'Well, family of four! Here we are. Before you know it.'"

Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan's Love Story

Later in the episode, while speaking to guest Charlotte Flair, Nikki continued to reflect on her pregnancy and the timing of the major life change.

"I mean, I wasn't planning on getting pregnant now. I thought when Artem and I got engaged we'd get married a few years down the road, then babies," she told her twin and Charlotte." I was thinking maybe early 40s. There was still so much I wanted to do, then it came into my life and, you know, I'm going to adjust and still work on my goals after he comes."

"Like, my world's changed," Nikki added. This is the focus."

As for Brie's goals post-baby number two, she has a very specific return to the WWE in mind: Mixed Match Challenge.

"I told Bryan, I said if they bring that back—I mean, granted I'm about to give birth in a week or two—but when they bring that back and once I'm ready, I would actually love to go back and do that with him."

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Part of Brie's motivation, she explained, is that Birdie's "getting older and she's understanding wrestling,"  

"She likes it until she sees Bryan getting beat up and then game over; does not like it," Brie added. "But Birdie actually does, like, natural wrestling moves on us. And she's very tall for her age. And I just look at her, and I'm like, she might be born for the business, which terrifies me as a parent. Like, oh my gosh, I think my daughter's going to follow in our footsteps."

Listen to the complete episode of The Bellas Podcast here!

Scroll down to check out Nikki's pregnancy journey with her first child!

She's Pregnant!

Nikki Bella steps out in L.A. in January 2019 shortly after she announced she's pregnant with her and fiancé Artem Chigvintsev's first child together.

The Look of Love

"Baby Daddy," the Total Bellas star captioned this precious IG pic.

Daddy's Girls

"Dinner with dad!" Brie shared shortly after the twins' dual baby announcements.

Pregnancy PDA

How cute! Artem holds her lady's growing belly during a PDA-filled outing.

Ladies Who Lunch

Nikki and Brie enjoy a lunch date the day before Valentine's Day 2020.

Baby Bumpin'

The Bella Twins and their twinning baby bumps hit up a farmer's market in L.A.

Running Errands

Nikki stops by a supermarket in Studio City looking cool and casual in all black.

16 Weeks!

Nikki bared her baby bump on Instagram on Feb. 20, 2020, writing, "Hi my little baby 16 weeks today!"

Side View

Nikki also gave fans a side view of her growing belly.

Bump Close-Up

"Sweet Dreams," Nikki shared on her Instagram stories with a baby bump close-up.

Colorful Cuties

The pregnant twin sisters grab a bite to eat at Joan's on Third in L.A. in cute colorful outfits.

Tight Squeeze

The WWE star holds on to her man while browsing a farmer's market in Studio City.

Podcasting Pairs

Nikki and Artem "had so much fun" recording Linda and Drew Scott's At Home podcast.

Bump to Bump

The Total Bellas stars snap a selfie with their matching baby bumps.

18 Weeks!

Nikki shared an 18-week pregnancy update with fans on Mar. 4.

Pregnancy Boobs

She also posed topless and revealed her pregnancy "boobs have gotten huge."

Out & About

Nikki runs errands in L.A. as she nears the halfway mark in her pregnancy.

Workout Selfie

Nikki hits the gym for a barre workout.

All Dressed Up

Nikki before celebrating an "amazing" event with sister Bella and others.

Grocery Gal

The Total Bellas star stops by a Whole Foods in L.A. for some groceries.

BBQ Babes

The lovebirds enjoy some outdoor grilling halfway through Nikki's pregnancy.

Twinning Tie-Dye

Nikki and Artem model the new tie-dye Birdie Bee shirts.

20 Weeks!

"Officially 20 weeks yesterday," Nikki captioned this sweet photo. "Birdie loves saying hi to the baby in my belly (how she puts it lol) Love being in the desert, makes it a bit easier to enjoy a few moments outside alone."

Cancelled Plans

Nikki was set to attend the WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony, but it was delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak. At least she documented what she planned to wear!

21 Weeks!

The mom-to-be posted this beautiful photo on her Instagram Story ahead of her hitting the 21-weeks mark!

Downward Dog

Nikki doing yoga with the help of the greatest teacher ever.

23 Weeks!

"We are definitely on cloud 9 knowing we are getting closer and closer to meeting our baby," Nikki wrote on this adorable photo of her and Artem.

24 Weeks!

"Almost 24 weeks! Love that I can still rock our @mybirdiebee joggers and pullovers comfortably! (size medium)" she wrote online. "Swipe up in IG stories or head to for yours. Same with the tie dye line too! Plus we have brought back some merchandise from the past!"

All Smiles

"This morning I woke up to so many kicks! Big kicks! Even Daddy got to feel them," Nikki posted. "Definitely think our little one grew a lot this weekend! So we are all smiles this morning!"

Bike Date

"When Click wants to take you on a sunset bike ride (our date nights now) you show up ready to slay him lol!" Nikki shared. "At least what I thought putting on a black bodysuit! We are definitely loving our bike rides."

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