Johnny Depp Dresses Up as Captain Jack Sparrow for Virtual Visit to Children's Hospital

Johnny Depp paid a virtual visit to the patients of Queensland Children's Hospital dressed as his Pirates of the Caribbean character Captain Jack Sparrow.
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While connecting with patients Gabby, Asha and Thomas, Depp answered questions and played games. And in true Captain Jack fashion, there were some hilarious antics that ensued along the way.

"These three beautiful young people I've spoken with this evening…[this] is one of the finest and most beautiful experiences that I've ever experienced," he gushed. "And that is because of all of your commitment to this project and to also just taking care of one another, to helping out when times are curious and confusing."

Depp also took a moment to praise the hospital staff.


"I must thank everyone who's made this virtual visit possible," he said. "But to be able to see Asha, Thomas and Gabby…and I have been there and I've seen the amount of forward motion and instant movement that goes down in your kind of facilities. You guys work—all the nurses, the healthcare workers, the doctors—you work like absolute heroes." 

Before signing off, he added, "But I thank you all for allowing me to have this time with you—either as Johnny or as Captain Jack."