What It's Really Like Designing a Home for the Kardashian-Jenners

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Nonetheless, Martyn stayed close with the Kardashian-Jenners, even scoring an annual invite to the exclusive Christmas Eve party. In fact, as Martyn detailed to Daily Mail, it was at the annual bash where Martyn connected with Kourtney.

"Her first house she did was very young and quite wild in a way, but she has matured into a really interesting lady, who really is passionate about design and really studies it," Martyn shared. "And so, this house was the first real home for her that she was turning into an adult environment. And so, we set to work on that."

However, as Martyn began working with Kourtney in 2013, Khloe purchased a home nearby and also requested his services. Although his workload doubled, Martyn said taking on the "very different" styles made the experience "super fun."

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For Kourtney's home, Martyn and the mother of three curated antique pieces, many of which "were collector's items by important mid-century furniture makers," he said.

As for Khloe, the Mediterranean style home she purchased from Justin Bieber inspired "a Moroccan fantasy" theme.

"And so, we created for her almost like a Moroccan fantasy inside the house with tented rooms and lots of black and white, very kind of monochromatic in a way, but very luxurious," Martyn added. "She likes things over scaled and super comfortable and very elegant. So her interiors were designed to be very inviting and sexy, really a mirror image of her personality."

Khloe has since listed this home for $18,950,000.

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Following these projects, Martyn moved onto Kris' "nest." Unsurprisingly, Martyn said the KUWTK matriarch wanted "an environment that is super inviting," a home for the whole family.

Martyn added, "She loves beautiful things. She really likes to keep evolving her interiors all the time and is very involved with it. She loves it and I think all the girls, all the kids, have inherited that passion from her."

In 2016, Martyn tackled Kendall Jenner's first home, a pad in in the Hollywood Hills. Even though Kendall is one of the world's top supermodels, Martyn highlighted Kendall's tomboy side with sculptural furniture and experimental design choices.

"She wants extraordinary sculptural furniture and we bought lots of vintage things from the '60s and '70s and gave it a real funky twist," he dished. "Kendall is really excited to experiment, but she does know her own mind, she knows what she likes and what she doesn't, which is always fantastic when you're working with a designer."

Younger sister Kylie Jenner was also inspired by mixing styles of the past and present. Since Kylie was pregnant with daughter Stormi Webster when Martyn took on her $12 million Hidden Hills estate, he and the lip kit mogul made sure to create a "playful" design.

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"Super comfortable. We made it very inviting because she was pregnant at the time, a place for her to bring her first child into the world," he explained. "It had to be kid-friendly and sustainable, but in a way that she could be young and have fun."

Furthermore, thanks to Kylie's impressive cosmetics fortune, Martyn said they were able to "do some amazing things together." Specifically, Kylie's home features "Marilyn Monroe images by Andy Warhol," "Jean-Michel Basquiat artwork" and more.

Despite buying and curating the very best for the Kardashian-Jenners, Martyn made it clear that there is a budget.

"These are all very smart, very sensible women, there's no flighty, craziness going on there," the interior designer relayed. "There's always a price tag attached to things that you want made completely custom, but there's always a budget and business managers that you go through."

Martyn has yet to work on Kim Kardashian's interior as, he claimed, her design style "is very much ruled by Kanye [West]."