Kandi Burruss Tears Up Recalling Talks With Her Kids About Police Brutality

Kandi Burruss tells Andy Cohen how she's had to explain to her son about police brutality and says what her daughter Riley Burruss has done to her friend circle regarding Black Lives Matter.
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The Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter went on to reveal how one of her younger children—Burruss and Tucker also have a six-month-old daughter Blaze—had been curious about everything going on. 

"My son Ace, who's four, he was a policeman on career day. And so my husband was trying to explain to him, you know, what was going on and why everybody was so upset and what was happening with the police," Burruss recalled. "Ace was confused. He was like, 'So, the police are the bad guys?'"

At that moment, Burruss became visibly emotional and teared up.

"Now isn't that crazy to have to explain that to a four-year-old?" Burruss added. "For you to be Black and have to worry about the police being the bad guys."

Burruss acknowledged that, yes, she cries all the time, "but that's an emotional thing for me."

"And Andy, I know you care about us, but you don't have to think about that," the RHOA star told Cohen. "That's something that we have to think about for our sons."

Watch the entire poignant exchange in the above clip.

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