John Oliver Breaks Down What It Means to Defund the Police

John Oliver explained to Jimmy Fallon and viewers why "meaningful change" will take "sustained, significant effort" in the fight against racism and to reformed policing.
von Samantha Schnurr Jun 09, 2020 13:58Tags
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However, while referencing the Minneapolis City Council's pledge to dismantle the city's police department and create a new system, Oliver wanted to make clear "defunding the police" does not mean "the purge is upon us."

As he said, "It is not about 'no police'—it's about what the police do."

In response to Fallon's comment that "this feels different though, doesn't it?" Oliver noted, "The key thing is for the outrage to now be matched with action because this machine has been very, very deliberately built to resist change, to kind of absorb outrage and not fundamentally change, so it is going to take sustained, significant effort to get the reforms that are going to be required here for anything to meaningfully change because we've just been here before. We've been at points in American history where things have 'felt different this time' before."

"The problem is things have not changed enough," he told Fallon. "I really, really hope this is the time that people can manifest meaningful change. I hope that's true."

"Watching what happened in Minneapolis is incredible," Oliver said. "That's a massive step for them to take and hopefully will inspire other people that big changes are possible."

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