Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Schumer


Jennifer Lawrence's drinking habits during quarantine are relatable AF. 

On a recent episode of Amy Schumer Leanrs to Cook, Lawrence shared her drinking habits while quarantined during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Lawrence's good friend Amy Schumer called her up to ask what her favorite type of wine was, while filming the episode with her husband Chris Fischer.

"I may need to call my homegirl about this," says Schumer after gushing about the glass of chardonnay she just had. "Who would be exciting to call?"

"Oh, gosh," Lawrence replies when she answers the phone.

"Oh my god, I love your work," Schumer jokes.

"Oh, I just woke up," the actress replies. 

"We're drinking chardonnay because, as you know, I like an oaky chard," the Trainwreck actress tells Lawrence. "What kind of wind do you like? I don't remember because I'm a bad friend." 

"Sauvignon blanc," the Red Sparrow actress replied. "I mean, [that's] if I'm drinking white, which I think is mainly for sluts."

"How dare you," Schumer replied. But then she remembered her friend is more of a "red wine person."

She adds, "You like a nice red wine and earlier in the night." 

Schumer then went on to ask the Hunger Games actress about her drinking schedule during quarantine. 

"I'm trying to wait until 6 p.m., so I have, like, a preemptive beer at 5," Lawrence explained. 

"That's very classy," Schumer replied. 

Then her husband Fischer chimed in and ask Lawrence about her famous roast chicken recipe. 

For the recipe, check out Schumer's Instagram post above!

As fans may recall, the Oscar winner and her beau Cooke Maroney recently wed in late 2010 in mid-October. 

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