Dr. Terry Dubrow Tries to Rescue a Black Hawk Crew Chief's MIA Breast on Botched

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Call it a rescue mission.

On tonight's all-new Botched, Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif met Tanya, an Army Black Hawk crew chief who had been dealing with the fallout from breast surgery gone wrong for years. Every day, she was forced to either place a prosthetic breast where her real one used to be, or wear multiple layers of clothing to hide the disparities between the right and left sides of her chest. 

"You know, just when I thought I had figured out how to fix even the most impossible breasts, this comes along," Dr. Dubrow told his fellow surgeon.

Essentially, as he put it, Tanya's left breast was "missing in action." And they didn't have much time to act, as she was about to be deployed.

"Once I got the announcement of the deployment, I knew that I had to fix my breast because the last thing that I want to be thinking about is my prosthetic," she explained in a confessional. "I don't wanna go on that deployment in my current condition."

During Tanya's consultation, she gave the doctors more context about how she ended up with two very different boobs.

The Many Boobs of Botched

"I had my first son...you know, breastfeeding and all that good stuff. I went the route of going bigger. I ended up with like a triple D. And I was uncomfortable," Tanya explained. "So I went to go smaller and get a lift. Then, my scars got extremely dark. I went to go get the scar revision. The doctor told me he should remove some of the breast tissue and put in a larger implant..."

This stopped Dr. Dubrow in his tracks.

"Why would a surgeon ever take a patient to the operating room, remove breast tissue and put a larger implant in them when all they wanted was a scar revision?" he said in a confessional. "You know why? Because he wanted to charge her a lot of money and he's a greedy asshole."

Regardless, Tanya said she went through with the procedure—and for a while, she was even satisfied with the results. But she soon started to notice redness on the top of her left breast, and for the next five months, she was prescribed a number of antibiotics by her surgeon.

Botched Patients Before and After: Shocking Transformations!

"One day I'm at the unit, I'm walking out of the flight line and I go to open the helicopter door and I'm just too weak to open it. So I drive myself to the doctor and I'm about to pass out," Tanya recalled. "And so they come and grab me. My blood pressure was almost non-existent. And that's the last thing that I remember."

When Tanya woke up, her left breast implant had been removed. 

"They ended up having to take 70 percent of my muscle because the left breast was severely infected," she said. 

Still shocked by the mismanagement by Tanya's surgeon, Drs. Dubrow and Nassif take Tanya into the exam room. There, they realized just how difficult it was going to be to fix her breasts.

"Tanya has one of the most difficult things to fix in all of breast surgery, which is the attachment of the breast tissue to the chest wall," Dr. Dubrow explained to the Botched cameras. "It's made even that much more difficult by the fact that she's lost the muscle and a lot of that breast tissue in that area. It actually may not be fixable."

He added, "Let's face it, this is left breast down!"

Botched Docs' Most Hilarious Quotes

Despite initially being intimidated by the case, Dr. Dubrow soon came up with a "creative solution" to give Tanya two symmetrical breasts. He even embraced her military background in the exam room.

"Dr. Terry Dubrow reporting for duty," he told his team. "We have a rescue mission to accomplish today. We're gonna rescue that left breast."

He discovered that her pec muscle had been "eaten alive" by the infection, "to the point where she basically doesn't have one anymore." However, Dr. Dubrow's creative method—giving Tanya an inner breast contour by creating a wall on the outer portion, pushing the implant over and giving her a breast crease—proved successful.

"I've used everything in my armamentarium to defeat the enemy and now all I have to do is celebrate my victory," he joked.

Tanya was thrilled, and proudly declared, "I have two boobs!"

"Dr. Nassif, Dr. Dubrow, they've changed my life. I am forever grateful to them," Tanya added in a confessional. "I hope that they know that they are put on earth to be angels and help people like me."

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