Adam Levine and Jimmy Kimmel pulled off the sweetest surprise for one lucky healthcare worker.

During Thursday's at-home episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the duo honored wellness nurse Samantha Brown, who has been helping seniors at an assisted living facility in Connecticut. Because her patients are at a higher risk of contracting the coronavirus, Samantha said that they've been taking extra steps to keep them connected with their families as they continue to practice social distancing. 

"We're a big family," she told the late night host, joking that her job is like having 100 grandparents. "What really keeps us going is we're a great team, all my coworkers, superiors, you know. We're in it together. We always have each other's backs and we really love these residents. And these residents are our families and just do it because it's just something that we do."

"They are cut off from visitors," she continued. "We do have these iPads—it's almost like a robot—where we really try to FaceTime calls with them and as much activity through that iPad as possible so they can see their family members. But, otherwise, they're isolated."

The mom of two was recently featured in Adobe's #HonorHeroes campaign after a stunning portrait of herself in her uniform that her sister made of her went viral. "I sent her a Snapchat one night, not expecting anything," Samantha shared. "And a couple days later, she posted that and it was really cool."

Before unveiling her surprise, Jimmy revealed that he and the Jimmy Kimmel Live team did some digging on social media to find the perfect celebrity to join them. Then, before Samantha knew it, the Maroon 5 rocker joined their video chat.

Giving the healthcare hero the floor some one-on-one time with Adam, Jimmy joked that it was the perfect time to tell him any fantasies that she's had of him. Instead, she replied, "I miss you on The Voice. I miss watching you and Blake Shelton." Remembering his fellow coach fondly, he said, "You know, I miss him too. As much as I really don't like to admit it, I miss him very much."

Adam Levine, Jimmy Kimmel, Nurse


Together with Adobe, Adam and Jimmy gifted Samantha $10,000 and also treated her nursing staff to some food delivery gift cards. "But none of it beats Adam Levine, I will say that," Jimmy joked after giving his generous gift.

Watch Adam and Jimmy's sweet surprise unfold in the heartwarming video above! 


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