John Cena, David Castle

Tammy Miller

John Cena is making one young fan's dream come true. 

On Sunday, May 3, the former WWE superstar visited 7-year-old David Castle ahead of his birthday on May 10 at his home in Odessa, Florida. The young fan is currently battling a Wilms tumor—also known as nephroblastoma, a rare kidney cancer that primarily affects children. 

According to David's mother, Tammy Miller, Cena brought her son "lots of goodies including two WWE title belts, signed T-shirts, a signed program, signed bobblehead, hat and some of his armbands," reports WFLA News Channel 8

David's mother also told the local news channel that her son was "filled with excitement and had tears of joy when he saw one of his favorite wrestlers."

In pictures taken by David's mother, Cena can be seen taking social distancing precautions amid the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak wearing gloves and a mask while spending time with him for his birthday. 

His mother also shared that her son has gone through "very painful tests, surgery and long days and nights at the hospital." 

While David is seemingly at home, his mother told the publication that "he still has many months of radiation and chemotherapy to go." 

The 7-year-old was diagnosed with Wilms tumor on Oct. 25, 2019. Upon diagnosis, David's cancer was already at stage four. 

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