Laughter is the best medicine!

With heartwarming and inspiring video chats becoming the norm amid the Coronavirus pandemic, it's easy to see why Kate Middleton is partaking in them.

Ahead of UK's Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week, the Duchess of Cambridge used her massive platform to spread a positive message. She recently spoke to "midwives, health visitors, parents and leading sector experts."

Lucky for us, her video calls were shared on Twitter. And it's the kind of mood-booster we could all use right now.

"Hello, very nice to meet you," Kate tells a proud momma who gave birth the night before with a giggle. "This is definitely a first, I think. He's so sweet. Aww congratulations."

In another chat, the 38-year-old royal has a sweet moment with a health care worker.

"I'm smiling, can you tell," the health care worker excitedly asks Kate, to which she replies (with a huge smile), "With your eyes, yes I can!"

On a more serious note, there is a moment when Kate is speaking to an array of people and thanking them for all of their support during the COVID-19 outbreak.

"As organizations, you're playing such a vital role," she says. "Giving key information... you're trusted by the public, [and] in general, therefore the information you provide is lifelines for a lot of people at this time."

To see Kate speaking with moms, health care workers and more in this heart-melting video, watch it above!

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