Watch the Hilarious Unveiling of Nikki Bella's Vision Board for Artem Chigvintsev

von Allison Crist Apr 30, 2020 13:00Tags
Weitere: Nikki Bella Creates Vision Board for Artem--Filled With Women!

A true artist!

Nikki Bella is feeling inspired in tonight's all-new Total Bellas—so much so that she's created a giant vision board...not for her, but for her boyfriend Artem Chigvintsev.

"So, hear me out first before I present this, 'cause I've been working really hard," she says to Artem before turning to her sister, Brie Bella. "And I don't need sound effects from the peanut gallery."

Of course, that's exactly what she gets as she unveils the vision board, which is covered in magazine clippings of food, words and references to things like Paris Fashion Week.

"I'm a little embarrassed for you but it's okay," Brie says. 

Nikki tries to explain that the board contains what she visualizes for Artem because she "knows him so well." She also says she's a firm believer in the concept because of "what it's done for me and my career and my personal life." 

Artem, however, is a bit skeptical (and amused).

"It's called hard work and love!" Nikki tells him. 

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"But why is there, like, a whole bunch of women everywhere?" Artem asks, prompting laughter from Brie's husband Daniel Bryan (born Bryan Danielson). "Why would I want to visualize a whole bunch of women?"

"That's so weird!" Bryan says, adding in a confessional, "Nicole made a vision board for Artem? That doesn't seem like something that you should do for somebody else. Like, 'Here's what I want you to envision for your future!'"

The group continues to examine the board throughout the clip, with Nikki breaking down different parts, such as the repeated references to Dancing With the Stars—a show that Artem was recently cut from.

"I mean, time is money, Artem. You know what I mean?" Nikki says. "And you know entertainment. We can all be done in 15 minutes."

Check out the entire sneak peek in the above clip, and get more of Nikki and Artem in tonight's Total Bellas!

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