This healthcare hero just got an unforgettable musical surprise: a personal serenade from Foo FightersDave Grohl

On Monday night, Jimmy Kimmelreturned to the home edition of his late-night show, during which he honored emergency and trauma nurse TJ Riley, who has been working at Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx amid the coronavirus pandemic. Riley was also the first to contract the virus of his co-workers, 60 percent of whom have also battled the disease. Riley's husband and parents also had coronavirus, though fortunately, they have all recovered. 

"We all got through it with no problem," Riley confirmed to Kimmel. 

In honor of Riley's work, Kimmel and his team did some research on Riley and surprised him with Grohl, an artist he loves—as evidenced by his enthusiastic reaction. 

"Oh s--t! Dave! I'm a huge, huge fan! Huge fan!" Riley told him. "I'm going a little out of my mind currently now. I feel like I'm having a coronavirus dream. This is crazy."

In addition to the surprise, Riley was gifted with $10,000 from Life Is Good, as well as gift packages to the nurses in his department. As a grand finale, Grohl picked up a guitar and performed his beloved song, "Everlong."

"TJ, thank you so much for everything that you've done for so many people—it's much appreciated, Grohl told him. "And, Jimmy, thanks for honoring such brilliant people for doing the right thing."

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