How Leah Messer Is Trying to Prevent Her Daughters From Becoming a Teen Mom

Leah Messer opens up about how she will “break the cycle” and now have her kids become a Teen Mom

von Mike Vulpo Apr 27, 2020 22:01Tags

Leah Messer has learned from her experiences.

For several years, fans have been watching the Teen Mom 2 star's journey of raising three kids while balancing work, romantic relationships and more.

But as her daughters become older and enter the early teenage years, this MTV reality star is hoping they won't become teenage mothers.

"I feel like if I'm on it from the beginning, I can prevent it. So if I am educating them on puberty, educating them on growing up into little ladies, then I will hopefully be able to prevent that," she told E! News' Justin Sylvester exclusively. "I think if education was expressed to me a lot younger, I would have made completely different decisions."

Perhaps some of that teaching will involve her kids watching Teen Mom 2. As of now, Leah's daughters only watch "some of the show." But when they turn 15, things could change.

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"The conversation about puberty is already happening in our home because it's totally about to happen and I'm freaking out. And it's all happening when we're in quarantine," she shared. "I'm just going to be open with them. Anytime I hear of conversations that they may be having, I want to be the source for them. I'm breaking that cycle."


Leah is also ready to heal from her childhood in her upcoming memoir Hope, Grace & Faith.

Named after her daughters' middle names, the personal book offers another glimpse into the MTV reality star who has shared her life for the cameras for many seasons. 

"It was very therapeutic. It was a healing process. I feel like I can close out of that part of my life now," Leah explained on Daily Pop's Instagram Live.

Teen Mom OG airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. on MTV. And Leah's new book Hope, Grace & Faith is available starting May 5.