People are consuming TV shows and movies at higher rates than ever before thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. According to The Verge, platforms are experiencing a "surge" of traffic since the coronavirus began to spread. 

And this makes total sense. From binging Netflix's Tiger King to watching all the new movies now available on-demand, entertainment is an essential part of daily life, as there's not much else to do beyond that.

That being said, it doesn't hurt to branch out beyond the typical English-language series that Americans know and love. The world is literally your oyster when it comes to finding a new show to binge, offering the opportunity to find something different and to potentially learn a new language or simply brush up on an old one. 

Now, some may question where to find these programs, but thankfully, streaming platforms like Netflix offer dozens of series with subtitles to boot. To see which shows are definitely worth a watch, check out a list of the best foreign-language shows on Netflix below!


Zone Blanche (Black Spot) 

La Mante (The Mantis) 

Call My Agent (Dix Pour Cent) 

The Bonfire of Destiny (Le Bazar de la Charité) 

The Hook Up Plan (Plan Couer) available on Netflix





Cable Girls 






Babylon Berlin

Dogs of Berlin

Unorthodox (German)

Nailed It! Germany

Other Notable Foreign-Language Series:

Giri / Haji (Japanese/English)

Terrace House (Japanese)

Borderliner (Norwegian)

The Valhalla Murders (Icelandic)

The Rain (Danish)

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