It doesn't sound like Jason Momoa's kids are board during this pandemic. 

With social distancing protocols in place, the Aquaman star is home for the time being with his family, including his youngsters with wife Lisa Bonet—12-year-old daughter, Lola, and 11-year-old son, Wolf.

"We've had a really nice time. I rarely get to be home, so it's pretty special," the actor told Ellen DeGeneres via a video call. "We have a little bit of space. I feel very thankful."

As Momoa described to the daytime talk show host, that space features an impressive array of activities, including skateboard ramps, climbing walls, throwing tomahawk and shooting bow and arrow.

In one of his man caves, the actor also has an array of guitars, motorcycles, paintings and art books. Needless to say, there's no shortage of things to do, which is good considering his little ones have to stay inside for the time being. 

Fortunately, according to the star, they're "doing really well." 

"I think they're really loving it," he told DeGeneres, noting they're learning from home, have time to check in with friends and loving having their famous dad home with them. 

However, Momoa still knows what his strengths are when it comes to parenting in this new normal. 

"Thank God they have their teachers and much respect," he said. "They don't go to me for any...I'm like the P.E. coach...Wanna go rock climb, skateboard? But, that's about it."

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