Emily Cave continues to honor her late husband in the best way she can.

Just days after National Hockey League player Colby Cave passed away after suffering a brain bleed, his wife is sharing fond memories on social media.

In an Instagram post, Emily shared video from their wedding day that included her husband's personal vows.

"Last week at this time, Colby was just complaining of a headache. I had no idea that it would be the last night we would kiss each other goodnight before bed," she wrote to her followers. "Tonight, I'm listening to his vows on repeat to help dull even the littlest pain. I love you Colb, thank you for making me the happiest wife in the world. My heart aches for you."

Over the weekend, the NHL confirmed Colby passed away at just 25 years old. During his professional career, he played for both the Boston Bruins and Edmonton Oilers.

Soon after the news was confirmed, Emily shared photos from the hospital with a powerful tribute to her husband.

"To my best friend & love of my life, Colby. My heart is shattered. The amount of physical, mental, and emotional pain I am in when I think about never seeing, touching, or holding you again is unbearable," she wrote. "You are and will always be my person, my hero, the greatest thing to happen to me. I never dreamed of being a widow before our first wedding anniversary. Although, every cell in my body is lost without you, I promise to continue to make you proud."

Emily continued, "You were the best friend, husband, doggy daddy, and oh how I wished to see you as a baby daddy. I'll see you again soon, Colb. You'll be in heaven meeting me with a warm wet kiss. You'll be with me every step of the way. I don't want to stop writing just like I didn't want to stop holding you this morning at the hospital. You are my everything. You always will be. Thank you for now being the best Guardian Angel. Just as you ended your vows, I am going to end with one word, AGAPE."

According to the NHL, Colby was originally hospitalized after sustaining a brain bleed. He also had surgery to remove a colloid cyst that was causing pressure on his brain.

"The most confusing part for everyone is that you're talking about a young, healthy athlete," Colby's agent Jason Davidson told Sportsnet. "This isn't supposed to happen to people to like Colby."

Earlier this week, hockey fans paid they respects to Colby. According to a tweet posted by Oilers defenseman Eric Gryba, there was "15km+ of cars lined up outside Battleford right now waiting for the family of Colby Cave," he wrote. "A heartbreaking and heartwarming time."

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