Lily Allen just wants to see David Harbour smile

The Stranger Things actor celebrated his 45th birthday on Friday, April 10 and it looks like he spent it with the best company. 

Harbour took to Instagram to share a collage of pics from his special day, in which girlfriend Allen is pictured with her daughters along with many birthday decorations and balloons for the birthday boy.

He captioned the post, "To all my friends and fans that reached out with birthday wishes yesterday, thank you, so happy to have so so so so many people out there tracking my race to being infirm and embarrassingly saggy all over," he wrote. "And to those that didn't, you're heartless jerks." 

He added, "Very happy the supply lines still manage to ship dinosaur toothpicks. A birthday isn't the same without an extinct species menagerie atop lush radioactive fluorescent green icing."  

At 45, Harbour is still a kid at heart. 

"I feel like a quarantined kid again, on the verge of a 10,000 year ice age," Harbour added jokingly. "Hey triceratops! Looking trim!" 

He ended his post by gushing over his girlfriend's baking skills, "Yo @paul.hollywood, call @lilyallen for baking tips."

The English singer and songwriter took to her own Instagram page to share the delicious looking three-layer cake she baked for Harbour and wrote, "HBD @dkharbour."

As fans may recall, Harbour and Allen first made their red carpet debut at the 2020 Screen Actors Guild Awards this past January after dating for months. 

Most recently, the couple began sparking marriage rumors after a fan asked both Harbour and Allen during an Instagram Live how many copies of the singer's latest album had sold. Her answer had fans wondering if the two were more than just a "boyfriend" and "girlfriend."

"[5,000]. I'm serious. That's how bad things are these days. You think you married a pop star? You didn't," Allen said. "Not that we're married. We're not married. I just want to make sure you know."

But then, the Hellboy actor interjected and told followers, "But she is my wife." Allen responded, "Yes we do pretend." 

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