A Dog Bite Victim Opens Up About Growing Up With a Disfigured Nose on Botched

von Allison Crist Apr 13, 2020 15:00Tags
Weitere: Dog Bite Victim's Longtime Struggle With Disfigured Nose

An emotional moment.

Botched makes its return to E! tonight, and one of this week's patients—Marcelo, a dog bite victim—has a heartbreaking story to share with Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif. As it turns out, the story is a new one for Marcelo's sister and mother, too.

In this sneak peek, Marcelo starts by explaining that he was bit by a dog at the age of four, which resulted in him getting surgery on his nose. Dr. Nassif said that while the doctors "did the best they could" at Marcelo's age, there's now "some discrepancy of tissue" because of the use of what's called a "flap."

"When you use a flap, you're moving one tissue on one part of the face to another part. In Marcelo's case, it was the cheek to the nose," he explains to the Botched cameras. "The issue with Marcelo's nose is that the flap is a permanent fix. He kept growing, but the flap did not."

According to Marcelo, because of his nose, he became the victim of bullying when his family moved from Ecuador to North Carolina.

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"New country, new culture, a new student—then I have this obvious scar. Throughout puberty, my face was developing and all of my features were growing but my left nostril," Marcelo says in the clip, adding that he faced "a lot of teasing and name-calling.

He continues, "And then, like, having confusion with my sexuality—that started playing and factoring into the teasing as well. That was a lot of pressure. I would, like, cry to myself a little bit and then recompose myself. So this is the first time my family actually hears about this."

To make matters worse, Marcelo still struggles to feel confident about his appearance to this day.

"I'm not dating anyone now because I just get so insecure about it," he explains. "So I just shut myself down. It sucks."

The revelation is a tough one for both his mom and sister. In a confessional, the latter expands on how it felt to hear her brother talk about being bullied.

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"It makes me sad. Some of the stuff that he's saying today I have never heard before," Marcelo's sister says. "It makes me feel guilty because I feel that I could have been a lot more there for him."

She also tells Drs. Nassif and Dubrow that Marcelo "has always been so sweet and close to us."

"He is the best son ever," Marcelo's mom adds.

To wrap up the consultation, Marcelo tells the doctors that he hopes to fix the scarring on his cheek and nose, along with the symmetry of the affected nostril.

"Well, the pressure's on!" Dr. Nassif says. 

To see how everything turns out for Marcelo, watch tonight's all-new Botched on E!