Selena Gomez, real estate, Encino mansion

The MLS; Shuttertstock

Selena Gomez appreciates more than just Tom Petty's classic music.

Turns out, the singer also has an appreciation for his taste in architecture too. The 27-year-old splashed a cool $4.9 million on an Encino mansion that was formerly owned by the "Free Fallin" singer. 

The over 11,000 sq. ft. home was custom built by the rocker and his wife Jane Benyo in 1989 and is thus built to the desire of a music super star, though it's recently been renovated with modern finishings while maintaining the core style as Petty intended. It can only be described as a modern and airy lodge with the decor of a California beach home.

Now that the palatial estate is owned by the "Rare" singer, she will likely put her own touch on the home styling and will have plenty of space to do as she pleases. There are six bedrooms and 10 baths, not to mention plenty of bonus rooms for the star to use at leisure. 

One of the features that likely drew Gomez to the estate is the in-home recording booth, a must-have for any musician. And when she isn't hard at work creating her next hit, the former Disney star can take advantage of a lower level wine cellar, gym, massage room, work space and an additional kitchen. 

Rumor has it Petty also included secret passageways and rooms when he and his wife built the house too. If she wants to explore beyond the walls she has another half an acre to do so, too.

These new digs are a total upgrade from Sel-Go's Studio City home, which she bought for a mere $2.25 million in 2017. Though the bungalow has suited her needs for the past three years, this new property is nearly 7,000 sq. ft. bigger, boasts a lot more amenities and offers her more room to grow.  

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