Robert Maschio, Scrubs

Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

Everyone loves the Todd!

Well, except Standards and Practices, apparently.

Just got this correspondence via email from our favorite high-fiving, double entendre-ing ladies' (or men's?) man:

Hey Kristin, it's Robert Maschio, the actor who plays the Todd on Scrubs! Email-five to you! So, I wrote a song, "The Todd Song," and it was supposed to be on to coincide with last Thursday's episode, but BS&P (Broadcast Standards and Practices) said no at the last minute, so I put it on my Website instead. If you have a minute, go to and watch it! Have a great week!

I've been over to and can say this content is not for the kiddies, nor for those easily offended. (In fact, I'm a little floored by the idea that this almost made it past Standards and Practices—but maybe I'm getting prudish in my old age.) Still, this song is hilarious, and Maschio is honestly one of the coolest guys I've met in the Biz (we bonded at the latest Scrubs soiree, and I assure you, he's nothing like his character). So, if you're a fan, do our man Todd a favor and check it out.

Cyber-fives to you all. Slap!

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