Mariah Carey spotted walking her dog outside the Gansevoort Hotel in NYC

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When celebs travel with their dogs to, say, Hawaii, what's the lowdown? How about overseas? Do they get special treatment?

If you're asking whether Jackson P. Mutley commands some superelite quarantining process involving his own tiny canopy bed whenever he goes abroad with Mariah Carey, the answer is no. When it comes to import rules, exotic locales—within the U.S. and outside of it—do not make exceptions for star pets. They still need their rabies shots.

But that doesn't mean A-listers don't ship their pets in style. In fact, for a few thousand dollars—if, you know, you have that lying around—you can transport your pet in the same grand manner as those belonging to Orlando Bloom and other A-listers.

Exactly how, after the jump.

The secret to celebrity doggy travel is a Southern California company called Pacific Pet Transport.

They ship the pets o' the stars all over the planet. For a fee, PPT researches import-export rules, arranges all necessary vet visits and vaccinations, helps push paperwork, books flights, places agents at airports to ensure snag-free travel, and even picks up and drops off the pet at whatever home or manager's office the owner wants.

The company can also help pets avoid lengthy quarantines by filing applications in advance with the right authorities.

For example, Bloom is soon headed for Hong Kong to do some filming. He has arranged for Sidi, his dog, to go with him. Nathan Andersen of Pacific Pet Transport says that Bloom regularly ships Sidi to his filming locations, and often on a studio's dime. PPT will make sure all of Sidi's shots and medical exams are in order so that the dog can meet Orlando in Asia with minimal delay.

"It's not too difficult," Andersen tells this B!tch. "We just need to make sure Sidi is microchipped, has the right health certifications and that we've applied for the right import permits."

The estimated cost for that kind of international, door-to-door service: $4,000. All in a day's expenses for an A-list boy and his dog.

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