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Hello, my lovelies. My smoochalious, perfalicious, tantalicious lovelies. It is I, Kristin Veitch (now Dos Santos), returning to you from a solid five weeks of newlywedded bliss and travels and sun and fun and gelato and caipirinhas and good freaking times.  And nothing, and I do mean nothing, can stir me from this state of pure postvacation euphoria. La la la!

My hiatusmoon was so relaxing and soul-satisfying, it helped me put into perspective that good ol' workaholic me had been taking this job far too seriously. I mean, it's just TV. It's just silly people on silly shows on this silly little box. And in the new "Dos Santos" era of Watch with Kristin, I will be far more reserved, refined and sane in my professional reporting of...


HOLY FREAKING CRAP! Did you hear that Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spencer just called off their engagment?!


It's the end of the House world as we know it! The ducklings will never be the same! And I, as a real-life Jennifer-Jesse fan, will never be the same. I mean, she's on the latest cover of InStyle Weddings looking all gorgeous and glowy and happy, for crying out loud! How could this happen? What has this world come to? Is there no justice? Can't two people just meet and fall in love and be happy?

Ummm...tee-hee. Sorry.

I guess as my first five minutes back in the office have proved, this here Watch with Kristin column and the girl who writes it have not changed. I'm still obsessed with TV. I'm still a die-hard fan. I'm still here to fill each and every one of your TV-related needs (unless you ask me about Cavemen, because, seriously, ew). And I'm still totally, completely, stone-cold, slap-a-straitjacket-on-me crazy.

Just please don't tell my new husband, 'kay?

P.S.:  In far more important bidness, I have to tell you how completely overwhelmed I have been by what an amazing job Korbi Ghosh and Jennifer Godwin did taking over this column in my absence, spearheaded by my wonderful editor, Erik Pedersen—they all rocked the WWKasbah.

Can we give it up for them? (Not "it," you dirty birdies. They are all respectable human beings, and Korbi is saving herself for John Stamos.)

Bring on the lovefest in the comments below (and I just might join you). XO.

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