Ali Larter, Heroes

Paul Drinkwater/NBC

Hello tubers, and welcome to another one of WWK's infamous TV hootenannies! We have a lot of shows to cover today, so let's get started...

Kitkat in Vancouver: When is Kristin coming back?
Kristin comes back to us this Wed., Aug. 15, but you guys have to promise us you'll go easy on her. She's been completely off the CrackBerry for six weeks (retox is a bitch), she has to settle in to a new place at home and at work (we moved floors while she was away), and she might just be a little overwhelmed by the whole reentry process.

Denny in Paducah, Kentucky: Can you give us any hints about how Tater Tops is going?
The Best Bitches and the Drama Mamas are splitting the votes in their categories pretty evenly, so those trophies (in particular) could still be anybody's game...

Eliot in Santa Fe, New Mexico: I love TV Summer School. What's next?
Oh, that's some good sucking up. Here's some extracredit before the next lesson. Read the Chicago magazine article on Jeffrey Leiber, the TV writer who first wrote a script for the ABC-conceived show we now know and love as Lost. Post your thoughts in the comments for 20 bonus points toward your final grade.

For an additional 80 bonus points, start watching Donnie Wahlberg and John Leguizamo in The Kill Point on Spike. It's a great short-run series, and there are only three hours to go.

Michael in Los Angeles: The Hills is back tonight! Will it be as good as last season?
Well, we've seen the first ep, and yeah, it delivers. You'll see both Lauren and Heidi's side of the story, and how everything first fell apart after the rumors of the Lauren and Jason sex tape started to swirl. Lauren is convinced Heidi and Spencer are behind the mess (which she first heard about from her parents in Laguna!). The good news is it seems like LC's finally having fun and enjoying L.A. Whitney's now her boss at Teen Vogue and Audrina's her BFF, of course. But poor Heidi doesn't seem to really have any friends, besides a quick guest appearance from Lauren's other enemy, Jen Bunney.

Mandy in Irvine, California: Any news yet on season five of Dancing with the Stars?
We have it on good authority that another boxer is in contention for the (dancing) title. "Pretty Boy" Floyd Mayweather Jr. will be in the new batch of celebrity dancers.


Justin in West Hollywood: Anything on Heroes?
Expect all the regulars who didn't share scenes last year to spend time together onscreen this year. The producers are looking to weave the various story arcs together more tightly. Most notably, Niki leaves her family troubles behind and connects up with the show's larger mythological mysteries.

Tim in Brooklyn: Dying for more Heroes dish, if you've got it…
Claire and Niki finally cross paths.

Donny in Worcester, Massachusetts: Any news on So You Think You Can Dance?
When you guys find out which male dancer was eliminated this week, the yowl will be heard from here to the moon. Also, our inside-inside source believes the SYTYCD suits think back-to-back SchWinners would be bad for the franchise. So, Lacey may need all the help she can get if she wants to match bro Benji's season-two victory. (And yes, that means Lacey was not eliminated.)

Carissa in Plattsburg, New York: Anything on My Name Is Earl?
Yes! Earl is gonna have a major love interest this season. And apparently, he’s gonna snatch her out of the arms of a fellow prison inmate, played by Michael Rapaport. The romance actually starts out as a very sweet relationship. Earl attempts to change his girl's life, and the two partner up to cross more wrongs off their karma lists. No word yet on which actress might play the part, but producers are looking for a sexy, bad-girl type as we speak.

Jon Hamm, Mad Men

Craig Blankenhorn/AMC

Fran in Auburn, Maine: Jen, Mad Men is officially blowing my mind. Please tell me the quality keeps up?!
To quote the sages of Seattle Grace, "Seriously!"  It's like mainlining the collected works of Alfred Hitchcock.

Anyway, what happens in the upcoming three episodes? Let's see...Don's past comes back to haunt him, Betty lays the smack down on one of her neighbors, absolutely everyone is "consumed with petty jealousies," Roger is totally an alcoholic, Peggy takes two steps forward and I think one step back with her career, Paul breaks my heart a little, Pete is still kind of a schmuck, Pete's wife is still kind of a shrew, Midge requalifies herself as a dirty mistress, and Joan continues to be a woman of mystery (those mysteries being, of course, "How did she become herself?" and "How does she maintain that fabulous hairstyle?").

Cathy in Reston, Virginia: You guys haven't mentioned it much, but I'm addicted to Army Wives. Do you know anything about what's coming up?
Jen here. We haven't talked about it much, but now that we're all caught up, we're very sorry we slacked off, because that show is pretty freaking good.

Anyway, in the finale, one of the wives discovers she's pregnant, a guy gets dumped, T.J. continues to be the cutest kid ever ever ever, one couple reconnects, one couple stays disconnected, and three of the husbands are deployed to the Middle East just in time for the wives to get trapped inside the jody bar by a cliffhanger. I love you, Roxy (and you, too, Pamela, Claudia Joy, Denise and Roland)! See you next summer!

Tiffany in Cape May, New Jersey: Is it true one of the Army Wives is pregnant? Please tell me!
Oh, all right: Her name rhymes with tone.

Jeffrey in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida: Any Lost scoop?
We have no bananas today. We do, however, have a contribution to the ongoing debate about when Lost starts production on season four: The publicist says it's Aug. 20, other reports say Aug. 15. Perhaps the crew getting back to work is different than the cast getting back to work?

Melissa in Rochester, New York: Can you tell me anything about the new gay couple on Wisteria Lane?
Yes, Lee and Bob Hunter have moved from the big city to suburbia. Both are middle-aged and attractive, but we’re hearing Bob is sweet and kind, while Lee’s Mr. Congeniality skills still need quite a bit of work...

Neil Flynn, Scrubs

Chris Haston/NBC

Mari in Birmingham, Michigan: Who cares about Seattle Grace?! I want Scrubs scoop!
Aye, aye! Seattle Grace may be getting new interns this season, but so is Sacred Heart. I hear producers are currently looking for a timid dude in his mid-20s to join the cast for a little while. But if things work out, he may stay on longer.

Naomi in Los Angeles: Scrubs, Scrubs, Scrubs!
Neil Flynn recently told The Daily 10's Catt Sadler, "If you care about the Janitor, he gets a love interest this year, and I say it's about time. The main characters? Still a mystery...babies are involved."

And who is the Janitor's mystery lady? "She's a mental patient. Woman comes in, straight from a car crash, he asks her out...No, this is not true, and unusable." See, and that's where you're wrong, Mr. Flynn…

As for the rumored fairy-tale episode, Flynn says, "I imagine if I'm in it, I'll be an ogre or something that won't let billy goats cross a bridge." 

Mina in Cleveland: Scrubs?!
Creator Bill Lawrence is directing the first episode of the season.

KristenS in Red Bank, New Jersey: Who loves 30 Rock as much as I do?
Me! Me! Korbi! By the way, a friend of mine just saw the season premiere and says it’s phenomenal. His prediction: Jerry Seinfeld’s guest spot will earn him an Emmy win next year, no doubt.

Silas in Greencastle, Indiana: Did you see that your unconfirmed rumor-spoiler about the Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Fun Run was right?
Yep, which may unfortunately mean our Office source was also right when she said that Meredith Palmer is dead. All dead, not just mostly dead, and as you may know, there is a big difference between all dead and mostly dead. Mostly dead is slightly alive. 

Update (9:30 p.m.): A very well-connected Office source assures us that Meredith is not at all dead. Not even slightly dead. Yay!!

Wendy in Pittsburgh: Do you have any info on Ghost Whisperer?
Check out our whole item on Ghost Whisperer here, but if you need more, Camryn Manheim had this to say about season three: "I don't know much, but I know that the task at hand for me is to somehow find a way to understand what it is Melinda does. Last year, I was very skeptical and very angry when she told me about her gift. I didn't believe her, and it scared me, and this year because I love her and know her to be an honorable and intelligent woman, I am very much torn with needing to believe what she's telling me but not understanding it."

Kate in Chatsworth, California: Anything on Ghost Whisperer or Close to Home?
Close to Home is dunzo—sorry, Kate. But Ghost Whisperer is good to go. Hearing we meet Melinda’s great-great-grandma this season, a ghost who succumbed to an unfortunate death.

Juni in Joplin, Missouri: Can you tell me anything more about the perpetually neglected Cold Case?
That show is underappreciated, isn't it? We hear Nick and his lady will be heating up their apartment building.

Tilly the Kid: Prison Break! I miss my hot convicts!
How about a hot fed instead? Mahone and his little white pills have been separated, and that goes better for the pills than it does for Mahone...

Jeff in Louisville, Kentucky: Will Prison Break live up to its title this season?
I hear Michael and a new inmate buddy begin planning their intricate escape from Sona by episode five.

Saving Grace

Frank Ockenfels/TNT

Sara in Denver: What do you think of Saving Grace with Holly Hunter?
Tenemos gusto Saving Grace. (Just getting a little Spanish in before Kristin returns speaking the Português.) In next Monday's ep, Grace and Leon Cooley are sharing dreams, and it's spooky. Also, lots of good stuff between Grace and Clay. And Grace is still kuh-razy, scrambling around her kitchen with a gun chasing the visions.

Emma in San Diego: Anything on Saving Grace?
On Sept. 3, we spend some time with Grace's other sister, the uptight Paige, played by Jessica Tuck (aka Megan who died of lupus on One Life to Live).

Linda in Poway, California: Esai Morales came and went so fast on Burn Notice! Any chance he'll be back?
According to the show rep, "It's a possibility, but nothing is definite." Please mark WWK down in the "yes, please" column.

Katie in Pasadena: I hear Fritz is meeting Brenda’s dad tonight on The Closer!
'Tis true! I’m psyched, too. And this episode isn't the last we’ll see of daddy dearest. I hear Brenda and Fritz take a cross-country trip with the in-laws later this season...

Tim from Auburn, Washington: What's going to happen with Julia on Brothers & Sisters?
Mr. and Mrs. Rourke, Julia's parents, are making an appearance this season to help their daughter cope—and they're threatening to take Julia back home with them.

Carrie in Chelsea, Michigan: I heart Sarah Jane Morris on Brothers & Sisters! Will we see more of her this season?
We heart her, too. She’s an absolute doll in real life as well, by the way. We spoke to her at TCA, and she’s more than psyched for the second year to get started. It sounds as though her character, Julia, has a larger role coming up. Just found out we’ll be meeting her parents pretty soon, too, and getting to know a bit more about Julia's backstory.

Ugly Betty

Karen Neal/ABC

Jessica from San Francisco: Ugly Betty?  
Producers are eyeing a February-sweeps air date for the musical episode of Ugly Betty. We're also hearing producers plan to bring Patti LuPone back for the episode, and they're hoping Kristin Chenoweth returns as well.  

Lisa from Tucson, Arizona: Any Ugly Betty scoopage?
Betty goes on a date and finally gets her chance to see Wicked: The Musical, but chaos ensues and Betty manages to stop the live show.

Kevin in Cleveland: I heard October Road is coming back. Is it true?! When?!
January 2008 is the tentative date, and we’re psyched, too! The ep is titled "Let’s Get Owen," as the boys run off to bring their heartbroken friend back home. And of course the Nick-Hannah drama continues. We’re told there will be a flashback or two, perhaps to the day the pair first met.

James from Chicago: Any scoop on Supergirl from Smallville?
Kara, aka Supergirl, and the Martian Manhunter are both aware of each other from the past and they, to say the least, are anything but friends.

Sam from Walnut Creek, California: Smallville?  
Sources tell me there is a showdown between Kara and someone very close to Clark's heart.

Rose in Seguin, Texas: What is Lana's future on Smallville?
See item immediately above.

Greenley in Austell, Georgia: How come you girls never talk about Numb3rs? It’s my favorite Friday night show!
Let us make it up to you. We’re hearing about a seriously creepy storyline for the upcoming season: a serial killer who offs his victims the same way that each of Jesus’ Apostles were killed...


Randy Tepper/Showtime

Mike in Cliffside Park, New Jersey: Korbi, do we ever see Celia's older daughter, Quinn, again on Weeds?
The answer to that, for now, is no. Producers don’t have plans to bring Quinn (originally played by Haley Hudson) back to the show anytime soon. But next time I see Jenji Kohan, I’ll definitely put a bug in her ear about it. I wouldn’t mind seeing Quinn again. Maybe she could return to Agrestic to break up Silas and Mary-Kate Olsen's character!

Tanya from Westwood, California: Share some Weeds love! 
A confrontation between Nancy and Heylia lead to a good ol'-fashioned catfight between them.  

Allison from Connecticut: Weeds?
A character is coming out of the closet this season.

Nikki from Seattle: What's happening to Silas this season on Weeds?
Look for both of Nancy's sons to be spend time in the big house.

Kel in Chicago: Who’s playing Robin’s new boyfriend on How I Met Your Mother? I hear it’s someone famous.
Indeed it is. We’re hearing Latin pop star Enrique Iglesias has landed Ted’s former flame and sticks around for an episode or two. Let’s just say Mr. Mosby knows what Marshall was going through a year ago. There is a bit of the sorry-for-myself syndrome.

Georgina in Ashland, Oregon: Do you know anything about season two of Shark?
Kevin Alejandro's character, Danny Reyes, was specifically designed to antagonize James Woods' character.

That's all for now. Thanks, guys. Also, the comments have apparently been frakked to hell for the past three weeks, but our production elves report the problem should be fixed tomorrow night. In the meantime, if you're a registered user, put a fake URL in the Website field, and that might help...Hugs and kisses, kids. We'll talk to you soon.

—Additional (awesome) reporting by Michael Berner
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