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Hey, tubers! Thanks for stopping by. We have much to discuss today—everything from a surprising Grey’s hookup and breakup to Heroes’ latest cast addition to what looks to be very bad news for the future of Gilmore Girls. (Rally the troops!)

Andy in Calabasas, California: I am in awe of Zachary Quinto of Heroes. Any chance he'll get to be a series regular?
Yes! I’m told he will be made a series regular for season two. Great news for us fans; not so great news for his prey! 

Erica in Farmington, Texas: Heroes is the best show on TV!! What can you tell me?
I just met up with the entire cast on Saturday night, and let me tell you, I was like a pig in poo. Ridiculous fun. I’ll be bringing you the scoop from that later today or tomorrow, with the latest video clip and column item from the Paley Festival, so stay tuned! 

Kelly in Philadelphia: Please tell me Heroes will not take the Lost approach and start killing off original castmembers and adding new ones to take up airtime! I hated when Lost did that, and Heroes seems to be taking that approach with less than interesting new Heroes Hana and Candice.
Mmmm...Sadly, I can't tell you that. I don't think it looks so good for some of this season's more peripheral Heroes.

Kelly in Birmingham, Michigan: Gilmore Girls! Please tell us there is hope for season eight.
I certainly hope there is hope, 'cause I, for one, would be devastated to see the show go. But...if you saw this week’s Vine show, you know that, sadly, things are not looking good. Stand by, the Save One Show campaign is coming to the rescue soon! 

Aaron in Dublin, Ohio: Good stuff on Matt and Julie from Friday Night Lights!  Did they say anything about the rest of the cast?  It's such an awesome show!
Yes, and they think so, too! Zach talked extensively about how proud he is of FNL and how amazing his fellow castmembers are. “I love working with Kyle,” he told me. “There’s so much in that relationship, from him being the coach and me being his QB, but not by choice necessarily. He’s kind of stuck with me, and on top of all that, I’m dating his daughter. It’s a funny dynamic. Kyle is great, he’s hilarious. Whenever we get into scenes, we ad lib and improv so much. He’s always like ‘Get your hands off my daughter!’ and I’m all, ‘I’m not touching her, sir. I’m nowhere near her!’” Zach also mentioned his great admiration for the coach’s wife. “I want to campaign for Connie Britton to get an Emmy nomination. She was ridiculous [in the scene where she confronted Julie about having sex]. She blows up at her, and it was so real, it was great. You know, she is a single woman who doesn’t have a daughter, so it’s not like it’s something she can grab from her everyday life. She does some serious work."

Jenny in Nashville: Have they cast Senator McCallister's gay bro on Brothers & Sisters yet?  Yes, according to my sworn frienemy, Michael Ausiello, former Days of Our Lives star Eric Winter has been cast. Too bad, 'cause Korbi was really gunning for Chad Lowe to nab the part. At the Paley Festival, she asked Rob Lowe what his real-life bro’s chances were: “Chad, I think, is in a gulag, having tried to kill the president on 24," he laughed. "I think they have him in top-secret security. I don’t know if we could even get him out! But I like the thought!”

From Eric in Sherman Oaks, California: I'm not gonna watch Amazing Race: All Stars now that Rob and Amber have been eliminated. They were the only reason I tuned in.
I feel your pain, and I expressed that to Romber when we spoke this morning. But they’re over it.  “What made it an easier bullet to swallow,” Rob told me, “was that we weren’t eliminated because of something we did wrong or a skill that we didn’t have. It was a luck challenge, finding that letter in a mail bag, and there’s really not much we could’ve done to change that.” Moving forward, they’ve got a major project in the works, which they assured me is bigger than Survivor, bigger than The Amazing Race, bigger than anything we’ve seen them do before and, although they can’t talk about it right now, we’ll be hearing about it very soon. (FYI, it’s not that Amber is pregnant with quadruplets. She isn’t. I asked!) 

Kristin in Minneapolis: I love My Boys on TBS. Please tell me the show's just taking a break and is coming back very soon!
It's just taking a break, and it's coming back sorta soon. Shooting for the next block of My Boys eps starts in April and new episodes premiere in August. 

From Cate in Paramus, New Jersey: Are you watching Top Model this season? The girls are boring. I don’t even remember the name of the one that got kicked off this week. Her name is Samantha and, apparently, there’s a reason you don’t remember her. She told me she really enjoyed her time in the house and became quite close with Brittany and Renee, but producers chose not to show any of that. They decided she was going to be the really shy, introverted castmember who didn’t belong, so that’s what we saw. So if you’re bored, perhaps it’s in the editing.   

Michele in Kansas City, Missouri: What's the word on the new shows coming up like October Road and Wedding Bells?
I can tell that the hilarious Missi Pyle was such a standout in the Wedding Bells pilot that she was invited back as a regular. She told me at the GMC-sponsored Wedding Bells premiere party, "It's totally a dream come true for me, because I've done 12 pilot seasons, I've shot seven pilots, been fired from one, and then to just have this happen and be on a David E. Kelley show is very exciting." After her character caught on fire (literally!) in the pilot, I hear she sues her way into the Wedding Palace and starts giving orders to the sisters Bell. And since Missi is involved, hilarity will no doubt ensue! 

Alicia Jo in Kalamazoo, Michigan: Happy 10th anniversary, Buffy! Can I have some How I Met Your Mother or Bones scoop to celebrate?
How can I resist a Buffy shout-out? Hang in there, David Boreanaz fans, because we've got a Bones-nanza of scoop coming on Wednesday in honor of the show's return! And stay tuned for some major How I Met Your Mother madness. I was on set last week for a momentous occasion, to say the least. (Are those bells I hear ringing?)

From Patricia in Virginia Beach, Virginia: I need Prison Break scoop. Gimme something!
At the Paley Festival, show creator Paul Scheuring told us that we see Michael’s tattoo again very soon. You know what that means—shirtless Wenty!  Woo-hoo! However, there’s a catch. Scheuring said there will be an ending for the tattoo...And let's hope that doesn't mean the end of Michael!

(Don't read if you don't want to know!)  

Jackie in Worcester, Massachusetts:  Any word on Heroes? When will the next big death go down?
Episode 22. Sylar is eating a certain Hero's brain. Yum.  

Julie in New York City:  Any Grey's scoop? Please! Are Cristina and Burke actually gonna do it?
Ummm...yes, I'm pretty sure they have already played dirty doctor and naughty nurse, if you catch my drift. But if you're talking about taking the plunge and becoming man and wife, well, it doesn't look likely! Sources tell me that Cristina will soon realize that the only reason she said yes was for him. And by the time the intern-on-intern action goes down, I'm told the Cristina and Burke may be on the outs.  

Steph in Ithaca, New York:  I saw your latest Vine show, and I'm aghast. Gizzie? It is happening?
Did my facial expression not give it away? Don't make me spell it out for you. Don't make Shonda Rhimes come and kick my ass. 

Carolanne in Tacoma, Washington:  Lost!
The promo pictures for episodes 14 and 15 made me squeal like a little girl. Shannon and Boone and Arzt and Ethan! Sawyer holding the baby! Squeee! (Kristin does a happy Snoopy dance!) 

Donna in West Bloomfield, Michigan:  It feels like Ugly Betty's been off the air for months. When is it coming back?
It's new again this week! And here's a little scoop to tide you over till then: Alexis will have a gentleman admirer before the season is over. He'll be sexy and successful and won't care about her sordid past.   

Dara in Phillipe, West Virginia: You mentioned someone on Ugly Betty would be coming out. Who is it? 
Marc! Not surprising at all, is it? Well, it actually will be to his mother, who doesn't take it so well. Oh, and by the Betty, if you have any questions for the cast, email me—quick!—at I'm heading to an event with the cast tonight and cannot wait, since the cast is seriously a ridiculously good time.  

Laura in Ashville, North Carolina: Kristin, any word at all on Jim and Pam?  
There are big, big happenings in the last two episodes. That's what I've been told, but apparently Rashida Jones is still in the dark. Here's what she said when I asked her about the big Jam v. Kim Smackdown: K.V.: Obviously fans have been waiting for a very long time for Pam and Jim to get together, but then Karen came in, and we like Karen, too. This is hard for us! R.J.: I know. It's very hard, but it reflects real life, because if I came in and was just a terrible bitch it would be so boring because you would know exactly what you wanted and a lot of times there are good and bad for both sides. It's to make you feel a little confused as to what you want. K.V.: Do you know what's going to happen with the love triangle? R.J.: I honestly don't know. They don't really tell us...they don't really trust us.   

Sarah in Columbus, Ohio: L Word scoop! 
Coming up in episode 12, there'll be lots of relationship shifting, including: Shane taking the “big leap” with Paige and proposing they move in together. Bette heading to upstate New York to win Josie back with a “grand gesture.” And Jenny goes to try to save some face with Kate and discovers that Kate is now in bed (figuratively) with the writer who hates her. Good stuff!

Nikki in Chicago: OMG about the end of CSI: NY! Any news about the Danny-Lindsay relationship continuing on? 
I asked CSI: NY creator Anthony Zuiker about this, and he's got some good news and some bad news for us: "Danny and Lindsay are forever bonded after getting 'closure' on the Montana murders. The two will look to take the next step in their relationship only to have their destiny dashed by Danny's season-ending distraction. Another woman? Too much work? Afraid of commitment? Stay tuned!" Gah! 

Chris in Marietta, Georgia:  I need scoop on Boston Legal! 
Those were my exact words to David E. Kelley when I saw him at the Wedding Bells premiere, and here's what he gave me: "We've got a couple storylines coming up that are more serious—not grave, but more serious. Jerry 'Hands' Espenson comes back, and we see the progression of the relationship between Claire and Clarence, Brad and Denise, and um, Shore may actually fall in love before the season's over." 

Erin in Traverse City, Michigan:  You never talk about Boston Legal! It's so funny! 
Here's a little BL scoop for you: Expect another ripped-from-the-headlines episode this spring when Crane, Poole & Schmidt is faced with a case that sounds suspiciously familiar to the sorority scandal at Indiana's DePauw University, where the heavier, less popular sisters were asked to turn in their membership cards and move out of the house!  

That's it for today, tubers! Don't forget to check back for goodness from the Heroes and Ugly Betty events. You can send me a question by clicking Ask Kristin at left, then check back next Monday to see if it's answered in the chat or Tuesday to see if it's answered in the next Vine show. Happy tubing! >[] 

—Additional reporting by Korbi Ghosh and Jennifer Godwin

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