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Hey tubers! I'm so thrilled to be back with the latest installment of your weekly, scoopalicious, lively Chat! And there's some good dish in here today, especially in the realm of Grey's (which returns this Thursday—yay!), Heroes and Veronica Mars. So, read on—and post your comments and theories below!

From Maro: Anything on Lost?
We still have another month to wait for its return (boo-hoo). But in the meantime, I'm going to be meeting up with the cast this very Saturday! The TV Academy is throwing the cast a big brouhaha, so naturally, I'll be there. If you have questions for any of the cast, or the producers, please email them to me: I'm also told the producers are currently casting another pretty, 20- to 30-something female who is "very attractive, tough, fit and extremely intelligent," and I'd just like to point out that I've been working out. Oh, and you've seen this insane promo, right?

From Caroline: I'm sure you've been asked a zillion times, but in case you haven't: Any news on Six Degrees? I want it back! Like, yesterday!
Caroline, I'm so sorry that I personally and single-handedly have been keeping the show off the air. I hope you'll forgive me...just kidding! The good news is that the show is definitely coming back. Despite one of the leading ladies auditioning for pilots a few weeks back (which scared me!), a source on set tells me they are back in production and are expected to make it back on the air in the next two months. I'll tell you what they're planning in the Almighty Spoiler Section.

From RedLily: I'm so excited that Monk and Psych are back on USA. Do you have any info on either show?
Psych star James Roday (looove him, as in: I would give a major organ to him) spoke to reporters last week and told us about the upcoming "horror" episode that he wrote (see, he's smart, too!) and that's directed by John Landis (The Blues Brothers, Animal House). He dished, "It is a bit of a departure from our normal formula, and atmospherically, there's some scary stuff going on." He also told us that Mercedes Ruehl guest stars in that episode: "She's doing some very, very funny stuff. Most of her stuff was with Tim Omundson, who plays Lassiter on the show, but I'll leave you wondering, because it's a Mercedes Ruehl that you're probably not used to seeing."

From Nikki: Kristin, are you watching Beauty and the Geek?
Of course not! I'm far too busy and important and…oh, who am I kidding? Of course I am. I even spoke with the show's first eliminees, Sanjay and Tori, last week. Wow, was she upset! She was very sweet but clearly distraught over "looking like a big dummy" on TV. She actually visited the CW Website and read all the awful things people posted about her (never a good idea, which is why I steer clear of my own site—kidding). Tori insisted that the show edited her to look stupid, but Sanjay denied that, saying the camera doesn't lie and it is what it is. Turns out they really did dislike each other quite a bit. See, the camera doesn't lie!

From glinski: Idol!
It's almost that time again! Randy Jackson spoke to reporters this morning about what was different this year about the auditions. "We had some of everything," he said, including more rock because of Chris Daughtry (swoon), "and some more Taylor Hicks guys." He thinks season six will be "more like season one," and the winner will be "someone that glows during the competition."

From Kate: Is anyone watching The Class and liking it? Am I the only one?
Unfortunately, you might be in the minority, Kate. Sources tell me that Lucy Punch, who plays annoying TV reporter Holly Ellenbogen, is leaving the show! That's the rumor going round Hollywood, anyway. Apparently she wasn't too happy with the gig, so she's saying goodbye.

From abreeding49: I just may love Bradley Cooper as much as you do. Please tell me he has some projects on the horizon!
I'm sorry. I'm still in mourning that he tied the knot with Jennifer Esposito. Between that and House costars (Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spencer) getting engaged, I can hardly speak. Ahem. Out of respect for all my single friends. Naturally!

From marypoppins81: I'm desperate to know when all my shows are coming back! I know Grey's in this Thurs., but what about the dates for Prison Break, Heroes, etc.? Can you do a little rundown for those addicted to TV?
Sure. It's already up in the message boards, actually.

From Lana: Anything on Grey's, please—anything!
I'll give you the real goods in the spoiler section (just below), but I also have to mention that I caught a repeat of the pilot last night on Lifetime (welcome to my glamorous, Hollywood life), and perhaps it's only amusing to me, but I spotted Sendhil Ramamurthy (who now plays Mohinder on Heroes) as one of the interns! Also, I found it interesting that one of the first things George says to Meredith is, "I'm not gay." Oh, and that show rocked from day one, just FYI.


From Rylee: Omigod! Those teases in the Grey's article did not help my poor sad McDreamy-deprived mind at all—they just made me a teeny-bit crazier, if that was possible...anything a little juicier for me? Please? I'm dying here!
And I'll be seriously dead if I spill too much about all the insane storylines that lie ahead (there are a lot of twists and shockers!). But I can tell you that the show is coming back this Thursday, and you must—must—watch! It is either this week or next week that you will learn of a secret love-child pregnancy that is rather shocking! And yes, it is among two of the main characters. Guesses? Comment below!

From Laura: Please, Kristin, please, do not leave me in pain like this. Put me out of my misery and just answer this one question regarding your Grey's Anatomy set visit teases.  Please! Is the person that everyone thought was dead that is coming back Denny? Yes, I may be crazy, but I just had to ask.
Denny was most certainly dead and lifeless and breathless for a good long time, so I'm pretty dang sure that he is not going to be alive anytime soon. Sorry, love, but that's all I can tell you without serious repercussions! (And spoiling a good surprise.)

From Marsgod: Give us something juicy on Heroes!
A major character is going to die before the season ends. And Hiro (Masi Oka) will not be with the rest of the group when the show starts up again next fall. (But, you know, I probably wouldn't put those two sentences together if Masi were the death. I'm just sayin'!)

From Fran: I heard Christopher Eccleston is joining Heroes. Do you know anything about his character?
Actually, yes! Last week, Masi told us that the onetime Dr. Who is going be a mentor type for Peter. He actually even called him "Peter's Yoda!" I'm assuming Christopher has powers of his own, and, as I mentioned before, I'm fairly certain he is a new Hero and his power is invisibility. Sources tell me the invisible man is the new Hero.

From Georgia: What is up with Claire? Is she not going to remember what happened to her?
She is going to remember, but she is going to be pretending to her father (H.R.G.) that she does not remember, and he is going to believe her. Turns out Miss Claire is quite the actress! Oh, and by the by, I found out who is bankrolling H.R.G. Turns out it is someone who is directly related to one of our favorite Heroes—someone we know! (If you think on this one—and comment among yourselves below—you can figure it out, I pinkie swear.)

From JuliaP: I really need some scoop on the hot Office love trapezoid! What's going on with Jim, Pam, Karen and Roy?
So, so much that I have been promised I’ll lose my tongue if I so much as say the names Jim, Pam, Ka…Ahhh! Gaaahhh! Leh goh mah thongue! Ahhh!!!

From Nelly: Are any other supporting peeps going to get an episode like Kelly did on The Office? I love them all and want to see more of them.
Yes, indeedy! I actually have a sinking sensation that Phyllis' wedding to Bob Vance (of Vance Refrigeration) may be upon us!  I say this because an inside source tells me Phyllis' midwestern sisters come to visit and we also meet Bob's twin boys in that same ep. Smells like a hitchin' to me!

From Marla: Do you know anything about the new direction of 60 Degrees?
You mean Studio 60 Degrees, right? That Matthew Perry/JJ Abrams show? (How great would that be?) It’s actually Six Degrees, and when it returns (and is hopefully big enough to become a household name), I'm told they're bringing on a new guy named Ray, who is connected to all the major characters in some way. Apparently, he's rich and handsome, and he wants Whitney to marry him! I'm hearing he buys out her PR firm. And although he's got a somewhat checkered past, you're going to like this guy.

From Thomas: I love Betty and Henry! Tell me there’s hope for them on Ugly Betty.
I hope so! But Betty may have some competition on her hands. A friend of a friend just auditioned for a recurring role on the show. The character's name is Charlie and she's described as cute and artsy, in her twenties, and she supposedly catches the attention of Henry (Chris Gorham)! Hands off the Henry, you trollop!

From MonicaLee: Any dirt on Dirt?
With that kind of cleverness, how can I resist!? (Even though I still can’t stand the show. Do you agree? Comment below!) I'm hearing starlet Julia Mallory (aka Lily from that good show The 4400) is going to get roofied and raped. At least, that's what's being reported, and it becomes a major media story that Mallory takes full advantage of.

From tuesdaybloodytuesday: Do you have any Medium info?
Do I ever! I emailed Medium coexecutive producer Javier Grillo-Marxuach asking what he was up to, and he replied with lots of juicy goodness: "My next episode is titled 'Apocalypse, Push.' It is currently being filmed, and it features the return of the inimitable Arliss Howard as Texas Ranger Captain Kenneth Push, who—this time around—comes to Allison for help when his own dreams of criminal activity come true, and he begins to suspect that he may have somehow received a touch of the psychic world… Let's see, what else can I share with you? There is definitely an evil doll in someone's future (the episode is called 'Very Merry Maggie'), and further on down the road, Allison has a very disturbing dream about the fate of one of her own children. As you can see, my experience on Lost has left me with the ability to give infuriatingly vague answers, but I hope this is enough to tantalize." It is, indeed.

From Jacqueline: More Medium!
I can tell you that this week's ep ("The Whole Truth") was actually shot before last week's ep ("Mother's Little Helper"). I visited the Medium set last fall and saw the setup for "The Whole Truth," an ep in which a young boy is stranded at the bottom of a well. The show's set designers and carpenters built a ginormous (20 or 30 feet high, at least) vertical tunnel for the shoot, and I'm guessing the complexity of cutting together the well footage with the special effects is what led to the delay. Also, look for an upcoming ep in which a ghost tries to prevent Allison from solving his murder, as well as an ep in which Allison shares the visions of a dying man as his life literally flashes before his eyes.

From Melissa: Please tell me there is hope for us LoVe fans out there.
Veronica and Logan get back together at some point this season. I’m not saying they are staying together, but you see them linked up again before the season ends!

From Jason: Any info on Cold Case?
The Jan. 28 episode of Cold Case features a double murder and plays a key role in uncovering the truth behind Kat Miller’s secret past. It's gonna be a good ep!

From Theresa: Any scoop on The L Word?
Last night's premiere was great, no? Coming up, Jenny becomes obsessed with destroying Stacey, who wrote a bad review about her for a magazine, and decides the way to do it is to sleep with Stacey’s girlfriend, Lindsay. Also, Helena takes a job as a receptionist at Wax and nearly destroys the place.

From Taylor: Hey, Kristin, please tell us Wentworth Miller is still single and please give us some scoop on Prison Break.
Wenty is single, as far as I know, so keep on dreamin’, my friend. Miracles can come true. As for PB, the tape that proves Lincoln’s innocence will really come in to play in late February/early March, thanks to Dr. Sara and a government official who fully recognizes that President Reynolds is corrupt. Unfortunately, because the tape is a copy, it is deemed inadmissible in court, but I’m hearing it could be the key to blackmailing the president into pardoning Linc. Booyah! Also, we finally get a little more background info on Kellerman and why he is the way he is. I hear he and his sister, who we’ll meet, suffered horrible childhoods that affected them both in very different ways. (Maybe he was in that cargo hold with Dexter?)

That's all I have time for today, tuberinos! Feel free to send me your questions through the Ask Kristin button at right. Then check back next Tuesday to see if the answer gods have smiled upon you. Happy tubing! >[]

—Additional reporting by Korbi Ghosh, Jennifer Godwin and Michael Berner

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