Happy New Year, everyone! And, more important, Happy Hump Day. Since I'm still in the Christmas spirit (I don’t take my tree down till at least the Fourth of July), I’m giving you two blind items today. You’ve been very good boys and girls!

Cradle-Robbin' Carol (and Greg): Okay, so these two aren’t exactly mother and son, but their characters are pretty dang close on a certain TV series that is new this season. And according to sources close to the set, this unlikely couple is very much just that offscreen—a couple. If you knew who they were, you’d have a giggle-fit that would make it hard to breathe or type (which is why I’m keeping this one short). Apparently, these two are hot and heavy, and I gotta point out that, yes, Greg is legal—so, hey, way to go, Carol!

Blingy Bessie: Bessie is a network TV actress (so, no, it's not Giuliana nor me) who has acquired a ginormous piece of jewelry that's so blingy you can’t stare directly at it or you are likely to go blind. This has created something of an issue on her TV show, because she does not want to take it off even though it doesn’t make sense for her character to wear it. So, Bessie has agreed to wear it on her right hand (yes, it is a nuptially minded ring), but even so, it is so sparkly and big that it is creating quite the distraction for the camera guys, the lighting guys and, yes, even her costars and Bessie herself.

Got guesses? Well, comment away below!

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