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Lest anyone ever try to tell you otherwise, remember this: Kristen Bell is a freaking goddess. In real life, the girl we know and love as Veronica Mars is witty, charming, kind and willing to take time out, even on an extremely busy night, to answer all my inane questions, like what it's like to kiss Jason Dohring. (Oh, you know you wanna know, too!)

This has always been my experience with the lovely Ms. Bell. And Thursday night, at a party launching the new (a Website where you can buy your favorite TV character's fashions), was no exception. As you can see, Kristen was her usual playful, non-Hollywood self, taking time to feel up a mannequin on the red carpet. That's my girl!

Anyhoo, because I'm sure you fans will gobble this up like gravy, allow me to share with you my exclusive one-on-one chat with Kristen Bell, in which she discusses the possible format change for her CW show, another upcoming death (Ay, carumba!) and, of course, the prospects of LoVe (Logan and Veronica).

Okay, girl. Can we talk about that finale? So, so good!
Thanks! It was awesome, because it was [creator] Rob [Thomas]'s episode. He wrote and directed it, which is always a treat for us, because he is the end-all of the storyline. He is the creator, and he knows everyone best, and his voice is so specific when he writes.

So, are you and Logan done for the season?
There will be some parts before the end of the season, I think. I am not positive, because I've only read up to episode 14. I know that we're done for a little bit, so each of us might have new love interests—we may or may not.

I love Logan. Don't get me wrong. But I'm also kinda digging Piz. Should I feel bad about that?
No! Isn't he a sweetheart? I think Veronica definitely needs someone who isn't brooding all the time and isn't always "woe is me." She needs someone fun, someone who won't complicate her life. At the beginning of the season, Rob said he wanted to do something that was the polar opposite of Logan. Which is goofy, light and funny, which is Piz, basically.

Rob dropped a bit of a doozy on me last week: that Veronica might no longer have big mysteries but, instead, stand-alone episodes. How do you feel about that?
I think because it was seven more episodes instead of nine and because we are all ending on the same week on the CW, I think it would be interesting. And I actually like the idea of keeping it fresh and not constantly trying to do the same thing. That is what the writers have been doing from day one, keeping it fresh and always turning the tables. I think if they have four episodes instead of six if they are like, "We don't want to make it so convoluted and confusing. Let's just give them some really good single storylines and single-arc episodes."

And maybe, hopefully, get more viewers.
That's another thing they are trying to do: simplify it without losing the respect we have gained from our fans for being an intelligent show.

How are you feeling about a fourth season?
I'm always hoping for one. I'm weird. I have to say that it is not out of cockiness at all, but I have never worried about our pickup, even the last seven, because I just think it is a good show, and I think it would be stupid of the network to not pick us up.

It is the smartest show they have on the network. And, well, dare I say the smartest show on TV?
[Laughs] I hope so! We all have our fingers crossed that season four will happen.

So, what's coming up? Give me something good!
Oh, you have not seen the end of the deaths. I don't want to say murders or deaths, but I'll say this: More people kick the bucket before this season is over. You think, How could we possibly? But, we do.

That's a good one.
Yeah, I know—you can spoil that. We're shooting one right now where somebody—pow!

And is Veronica dating Piz in the episode you're on?
No, not on the episode we're on right now. She's all on her lonesome.

If you had to make a prediction, what would you say is the future of LoVe?
I honestly think Logan and Veronica are star-crossed, and you can't explain why they keep going back to each other regardless of the mistakes each have made. I think it will always be a tug between the two of them, no matter who they are dating. In the upcoming episodes, I think what they have been doing is to allow Logan to have a more human side. Everybody loves the obligatory, psychotic, jackass scenes, but they are going to give him a manlier, human side.

—Additional reporting by our kick-ass intern, Michael Berner (who appears lurking in the back of the photo on this page, checking out Miss Bell)!

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