Lindsay Lohan Leggings

We imagine that Lindsay Lohan is now saying "ha!" to everyone who has ever put her down or said she's losing her credibility as a viable actress. Well ha!, indeed, naysayers. Lindsay's shown she can't be pigeonholed. She's an entrepreneur...a seer of the bigger picture. And right now, that last laugh she's having is from having finally released her long-awaited line of leggings she threatened us about in May.

They have officially hit the market at—all four styles of them. Well, let's call it three, since one, which we're tempted to call "fashion spats,"is basically a legwarmer that apparently vacuum seals to your ankle.

But if that isn't your look and if you don't feel like owning a shiny, $100-plus, dry-clean-only set with real-live stirrups, go with the Mr. President legging. With this style's built-in knee pads, you can now, um, retrieve things that have rolled under the couch or, um, under the refrigerator and still be able to enjoy many classy activities.

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