NOT JUST A BOYFRIEND: Nicole Kidman telling People magazine that she and Keith Urban are engaged. Urban escorted Kidman to the UNIFEM 30th anniversary gala, where she admitted he was "actually my fiancé. I wouldn't be bringing my boyfriend." The race is on to see if she'll beat her ex to the altar.

DA VINCI IMPLODE: On the eve of The Da Vinci Code's Cannes premiere, Christian groups from South Korea, Thailand, Greece and India planning boycotts, a hunger strike and attempts to block or shorten screenings. Meanwhile, the National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation objecting to the fact that the villain in the movie is an albino, claiming that this is the 68th film since 1960 to feature an evil albino. Who could have guessed the premise was so unoriginal?

UNHAPPY MOTHER'S DAY: Thieves stealing the approximately $10,000 worth of Christian Dior shoes, sunglasses, handbags and perfume Paris Hilton purchased her mother, Kathy, for Mother's Day, after a delivery person set them down outside the home while ringing the bell. (Either that, or Paris simply forgot to get her mom anything and concocted an suitably elaborate cover story. You choose.)

SURVIVAL SKILLS: Original Survivor winner Richard Hatch sentenced to four years, three months in prison Tuesday for tax evasion and perjury. Our advice to newly crowned Survivor winner Aras Baskausas? Pay up--you can't outwit, outplay or outlast the Tax Man.

ONE MORE TIME: Oops--you guessed it--she does it again. Britney Spears photographed driving her Mini Cooper with Sean Preston strapped into his car seat (good!) but facing forward (bad!). According to California motor-vehicle codes, babies under 20 pounds or less than a year old should have their car seats facing backward. Well, at least the kid was buckled in--she's learning.

GOING GREY: Simon Cowell picking Taylor Hicks to win American Idol during an appearance on Monday's Tonight Show. Cowell said he was betting Hicks would triumph over Katharine McPhee in the final two, meaning Paula Abdul's favorite, Elliott Yamin, would be the next to go. Which sounds about right to us, since no one listens to Paula anyway.

GOOD DAY: Daniel Powter, whose hit song "Bad Day" has been used as the soundtrack for the Idol goodbye montages over the course of the season, performing live on the performance finale May 23. We're thinking having him serenade the runner-up on the season finale would be even more poignant, but that's just us.

FATHER FIGURE: Kellie Pickler's ex-con father, Clyde, asking his probation officer for permission to accompany his daughter to the American Idol finale in Hollywood, per the New York Post. This smells like a Pickler plot to keep the spotlight on Kellie as long as possible.

GETTING BACK TOGETHER: Nick Lachey calling the members of 98 Degrees "very dear" to him and claiming the band will reunite one day when they're ready. No rush, fellows--we can wait. Forever.

ALPHABET SOUP: ABC revealing its fall lineup, with six new dramas and six new comedies on the slate, including Brothers & Sisters, starring Calista Flockhart, Day Break, starring Taye Diggs and Big Day, starring Marla Sokoloff. In an apparent effort to keep the Peacock down, the network moving Grey's Anatomy to Thursday to compete with NBC's highly anticipated new drama Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

HIS ROYAL SINGLENESS: ABC also revealing the identity of the next Bachelor: Prince Lorenzo Borghese, a 33-year-old cosmetics entrepreneur. The ninth edition of the matchmaking series will be filmed in Rome and, judging from the show's track record, will not lead to true love.

FIT FOR THE KING: A group of investors including psychic Uri Geller paying $905,100 for a modest home in Memphis that Elvis Presley purchased just as his career was taking off. Plans for the home, which was most recently appraised at $261,000, include restoring it to its original 1956 appearance and then opening it to the public. We're just hoping they're not basing their business plan solely on Geller's paranormal powers.

CURTAIN CALL: The Drowsy Chaperone racking up 13 Tony nominations Tuesday, trailed by The Color Purple, which earned 11 nominations. Shockingly, Julia Roberts landing nary a nomination for her much-discussed performance in Three Days of Rain.

HARD NEWS: Bono turning guest newspaper editor of The Independent for the day, with the British newspaper agreeing to donate half of the day's revenue to the Global Fund to Fight Aids. Included in the edition was a list of Condoleezza Rice's 10 favorites songs (no. 7: U2's "Anything"). Whatever it takes, we suppose.

ON HOLD: Vietnam postponing Gary Glitter's appeals trial until next month, a court official said Tuesday. The disgraced British glam rocker has maintained he is innocent of child molestation and claims he is the victim of a tabloid conspiracy, thereby overestimating the average tabloid reader's interest in him.

REMEMBERED: George Crile III, a CBS News producer for more than 25 years who wrote the bestselling book Charlie Wilson's War and made the controversial Vietnam documentary The Uncounted Enemy: A Vietnam Deception, died Monday of pancreatic cancer at his home in Manhattan. He was 61.

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