John Travolta dons leather for his new motorcycle movie, but how did that compare to his most recent wardrobe as a caftan-wearin’ woman? J.T.’s Wild Hogs costars weigh in. Plus, find out who’s being paged to Grey’s Anatomy, stat, and gimme your guesses for today’s kinky-winky Blind Vice!
John Travolta

Paul Fenton/

John Travolta got to butch it up, big-time, at the premiere of his new dudes-going-through-
midlife-moodiness movie, Wild Hogs. Tuesday night. Not only
did J.T. don leather and a bandanna/do-rag type of head wrap, he even rode in on a motorcycle to join costars Martin Lawrence, William H. Macy and Tim Allen on the carpet.


Fortunately (or not), Mistah Tee didn’t wreck his hog, à la Kimberly Stewart's carpet spill.

William H. Macy

Paul Fenton/

Bill Macy was not nearly as brave with his wardrobe choices, I must report. He looked sedate in a black suit and gave rather boring sound bytes, too, such as the following, when I asked what’s the number one sign of a male midlife crisis:
Felicity Huffman

Steve Granitz/

“A motorcycle is a good sign,” he replied as he ran inside. Boooring! Maybe Mr. Em hasn’t had much experience in that arena due to his fab relationship with fox-ay wifey, Felicity Huffman, lookin’ de-lish in a crimson frock and metallic heels. I mean, with a hon like that at home, who needs a friggin’ red Ferrari, right? Vroom, vroom!
Tim Allen

Steve Granitz/

Tim Allen had a more interesting answer to my query, thank gawd. “Neck chains and a vest!” he said. Love it.  Also adore his reply to how he thinks John looks in fat femme style, à la the upcoming cross-dressing musical, Hairspray. “I think he’s a good-looking woman,” he said, deadpanning.
Hairspray: John Travolta

David James/New Line Cinema

"You’ve seen the pictures...It’s a little scary," he continued. "He was practicing the last couple weeks on this [movie], and it’s scary. Trust me. There’s something scary about John in a sundress. Call me crazy." Sure thing—as long as you come up with a friggin’ new word for loco, amigo!
John Travolta, Kelly Preston

Paul Fenton/

Equally forthcoming was Johnny boy himself when I asked veddy seriously which wardrobe he preferred: Hogs or Hairspray? "This one," he laughed, as perky partner Kelly Preston looked on. "It’s more comfortable!" In more ways than one, right, babe? No girdles, and all, I mean.

Jenna Elfman

Vaughn Youtz/

Premiere P.S.: Could it be that Scientologists are contractually obligated to show up and support each other? Jenna Elfman and Kirstie Alley were on hand for their homeboy. But how come L. Ron Hubbard poster boy Tom Cruise never has to come? No fair.
With all the real-life drama goin’ down on Grey’s Anatomy—between Isaiah’s pitiful potty mouth and Katherine Heigl’s paycheck pissiness—-thought I’d pass along some good news from the doc drama for a change.
Shohreh Aghdashloo

Steve Granitz/

Shohreh Aghdashloo, the Oscar-nominated actress from House of Sand and Fog, recently did a guest spot on the show. The episode airs Mar. 15, and according to ABC, she portrays a patient.

Grey's Anatomy, Patrick Dempsey

ABC/Vivian Zink

But inside Grey's sources tell yours truly there's a little plot twist. Spoiler alert! She's really a doctor that Patrick Dempsey worked with in the past who's now become a patient. Can't wait to watch the gal's scenes with McDreamy, you? And for the unsurprising record, I hear Pattycakes is te-riff to work with. Would you expect anything less? (Answer: On that set? Yes!)
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