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Lindsay Lohan, Dina Lohan

Dan Herrick/

So, Lindsay Lohan’s loudmouth mama, Dina, spilled the sobriety beans on Friday. After Page Six reported La Lohan was seen leaving some early morning Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, Mom confirmed the story was true.

Kinda interesting that L2’s tryin’ to quit the sauce before she’s even legally able to drink it, isn’t it?

Her rep, who’d previously claimed L.L.’s sobriety chip was to support a friend, asserted this delicious development in the life of Linds “is a positive”—unless we nasty press peeps ruin it, of course.

“Maybe if [the press] backs off on her, she’ll be in a good space,” the rep said. “Let’s see if we don’t have to hear about it every day, and they’re following her around and trying to find her.”

To that I say, Maybe if she stops going out all the time, she won’t be in the press. 'Cause, really, you don’t have to follow Linds around to find her. I can’t go to a club without tripping over her (and her mouthy mom lately).

Wilmer Valderrama

Lisa O'Connor/

Take Wednesday night, for ince. First, Dina and Linds hit the GQ Men of the Year bash, and later they had round two at Les Deux. L.A., natch.

Since Tinseltown is, like, the smallest world ever, Linds had to share the hot-spot space with not one but two of her ex-boy-toys, who were also in the house. 

Wilmer Valderrama was holdin’ court at the table right next to that of the Lohan clan, while Harry Morton wandered around the club, drinkin’ a scotch and soda, hold the scotch. (He happens to be sober too, remember?)

And Linds got rather cozy with one of the dudes—while givin' the other the cold shoulder all night long.

If you guessed she struck up a convo with her first serious boyfriend, Wilmer, you're way off.

Harry Morton

Denise Truscello/

Despite the fact that their tables were almost on top of each other, Linds didn't talk to him at all. It seems she only had eyes for Harry, who was lurking nearby most of the night.

Both boys were trying to play it cool, but somehow Harry kept ending up at La Linds' banquette, even after doing laps around the club and talkin' to other comely chicks.

After a few quick convos, Lindsay and Hare-hon ended up sitting together at the same table, talking, whispering and laughing. I didn’t see L2 imbibing any alcohol either, by the by.

Could they have been discussing givin' it another go-round, or did Harry just not have a table of his own to call home?

Linds, I say go for it, 'cause it seems like Harry was a good, calming influence on your wild ways.

And we all know L.L. can use a little of that these days, since Dina definitely ain’t helping!

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Rena Durham/

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