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Nielsen can measure butts in seats, but it sure can't measure hearts and minds. In further proof (as if we needed more) that the numbers don't tell the whole story about the popularity of a show, Jericho fans are making like the characters on the show and refusing to go down without a fight.

Taking a cue from Roswell's bottles of Tabasco, Arrested Development's bananas and Jake Green's "Nuts!" battle cry in the finale, Jericho fans are inundating CBS with nuts—eight tons of nuts so far! (in business—but presumably not online—since 1929) has been the semi-official hub of this effort, so if you would like to toss a few Brazil nuts in the general direction of the Eye network (is it just me or did that sound dirty?), check out the Jericho support page—and while you're there, don't miss the awesome YouTube video of a Nuts! delivery.

Furthermore, the save Jericho petition currently has nearly 80,000 signatures! If you want to participate in the campaign, sign your name on the digital dotted line and then swing by and to join forces with other fans!

My inbox is full of reports about your progress, so I thought a rundown might be in order to tie it all together and keep the ball in play. Go Panthers! Er, wait, that's the wrong show. Anyway, I tracked down to a bunch of Jericho peeps to get the scoop on the show's future, and here's what I know:

The Fallout:  Jericho castmember Brad Beyer (Stanley Richmond) and I spoke yesterday afternoon, and he told me, "We consistently held 8 or 9 million viewers, even going up against Idol, so everyone was really surprised and shocked that we were canceled. You have to move on and let go, but you see all this fan support and you keep that tiny bit of hope in your heart." And Jericho producer Karim Zreik emailed me to this effect: "We were all stunned when we didn't get the second-season pickup, but our fans have completely surprised us. This outpouring of support means the world to the Jericho cast and crew. Knowing that Jericho touches so many people has completely humbled us. I don't know what's going to happen next. CBS and Paramount are still weighing their options. We hope to know more by next week."

Postapocalyptic Landscape:  Brad tells me: "People are auditioning, and the writers are trying to find work. I think our great producers have been really hanging in with the show. They're really still fighting for us." Show runner Carol Barbee has a deal with CBS Paramount, so if the network wants more Jericho from her, she's ready and willing to serve up more story. That said, I'm told Carol's best friend created the new series Swingtown, which is also set up at CBS Paramount, and if Jericho does not continue, Carol would join Swingtown as an executive producer... (If she goes, can Skeet at least become a swinger?)

CBS Has Heard You:  As Brad points out, "I think in the end it's CBS' decision, because they own the show." Given that most of their shows cater to the geriatric set, I honestly think CBS had no idea how many young, web-savvy fans Jericho had. CBS president Nina Tassler posted a note praising your efforts on behalf of the show. However, as of press time, CBS was still telling me there had been "no change" in the status of the show.

What Next?  As Brad told me, "There are so many different things kicking around right now; I don't know how realistic it is for any of them, but I hope we can wrap it up for the fans—and for us, because we all love doing it so much!"

And if you ask me, leaving the fans cliffhanging for all of eternity would just be plain...nuts. Ba-dum-bump.

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin

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