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Today's Q is from Jillygirl08: My prayers have been answered. I just heard Michael Vartan has a new role! What's the word? 

A: Hallelujah, it's true. (Thank you, Jesus.) Michael has been cast in the indie flick Jolene, alongside Denise Richards. It's about the journey of a teenage girl (not Vartan)...blah blah blah...  But here's the interesting thing: I have it on good authority that ER was looking into casting Vartan in an upcoming role! Uncle Jesse and Vaughn on the same show? Can you stand it?

Anyhoodles, now that that's not happenin', word is, another actor they're considering is Dawson Leery himself--James Van Der Beek. A good match? Yay or nay? Comment away below, my friends.

By the by, if you're missing your Alias friends, be sure to check out ABC's Brothers & Sisters on Sunday night, which stars old SD-6 faces Ron Rifkin, Patricia Wettig and Balthazar Getty. And if you're wondering why they all ended up there, I'll have B&S star Dave Annable ‘splain it to you: “Our producer Ken Olin was one of the executive producers on Alias. And since that show ended, and he was doing our pilot, a lot of Alias people came over--even most of our crew is from Alias--so everyone already knows each other, and it’s great.”


Got a burning TV question? Well, I'm answering them--daily! Send me your questions via the "Ask Kristin" button at left, and I'll be back tomorrow with another hot piece of A's!


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