Jason Wahler

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Given all the dirt his adversaries are digging up, Jason Wahler might want to run to The Hills...or farther.

The reality-TV bad boy's attorneys are begging a Los Angeles judge to bar some unflattering details about Wahler's past from being brought up at his upcoming civil trial.

And they ain't talking about his treatment of L.C.

The 21-year-old Wahler is being sued for allegedly assaulting a tow truck driver.

Court papers filed by the law firm of Veatch Carlson seek to supress any evidence that could paint Wahler in a bad light, specifically the revelation that the Laguna Beach meathead repeatedly dropped the N-bomb at the plaintiff, Dario Stevenson, and a traffic officer during a September 2006 incident.

His camp also wants banned any testimony pertaining to Wahler's celebrity status, his battles with alcohol and substance abuse and any previous arrests.

Among the evidence his team wants off limits: a drunken assault of a security guard in Seattle in 2007 that earned him 20 days in the slammer and his 2006 conviction for resisting arrest and bribery following a bust in New York.

"[Wahler] was arrested in New York and in Seattle as a result of incidents not remotely related to this lawsuit," his lawyers argue in their motion. "Such evidence should not be allowed to reach the jury inasmuch as it would only constitute evidence of character which is inadmissable."

In the current case, Stevenson claims he was roughed up by Wahler while working with a Dept. of Transportation officer to impound another car.

Wahler and former girlfriend Kristen DeLuca were passengers in a car driven by an unidentified "friend." Their vehicle nearly clipped Stevenson's tow truck and the officer, Jonathan Wallace, who was attempting to stop traffic to allow the truck to maneuver into place, prompting an altercation.

Wahler was subsequently charged with misdemeanor battery and disturbing the peace for attacking the two men. After pleading no contest, he was sentenced to 60 days in jail, three years' probation, a stint in rehab, community service and 36 anger management classes.

Stevenson sued in civil court for compensatory and punitive damages for the verbal and physical beatdown.

While Wahler digs in, DeLuca agreed three weeks ago to pony up a $3,000in a settelment with Stevenson.

Both still have to contend with a separate civil complaint filed by Wallace, who accuses the erstwhile couple of launching into a racist rant. The traffic officer, who is black, is seeking damages for assault and battery after Wahler supposedly punched him in the eye.

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